Motorola Droid saves this verizon customer

I’m posting this from my new Droid!

My plan was up with Verizon in March. I wasn’t going to renew. After years of watching everyone else’s phone get better and more social, Verizon had nothing. Couple that with the fact that Verizon is practically useless internationally, and it was time for me to jump ship.

Then the news arrived that VZ had setup a sweet deal for Motorola to develop and Android phone! I could believe it, but I held off on canning my Verizon service. Droid day is here. I’ve switched from hard keys to soft portrait to soft landscape. This phone rocks! I know a lot of people with iPhones. This is a legit contender on a real network. Verizon is vastly superior network than at&t. Now they have a comparable (arguably better) phone!


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