Plane ol’ blogging

Hangin out with my Droid on the plane back home to Los Angeles. Just crossed the international date line. There are only 5 hours left for this flight. It’s moments like this that really make me appreciate technology more than ever before.

I can’t help but wonder what traveling across the Pacific was like just 30 years ago, let alone 100. They even have power outlets on the back of the chairs in the plane. I was able to charge my Droid after having used it heavily this morning to Google Talk with my girlfriend.

I really can’t wait to see where technology is 30 years from now. With applications like Layar around today, augmented reality could easily become commonplace. I’m even thinking we could have glasses we wear that have the ability to see what we are looking at and then pull up augmented reality information about what we are looking at. It would be like the barcode app+Layar on steroids.

I can even imagine something where we could have our own augmented reality profiles available with facial recognition. We could look at someone and get their latest blogs, Facebook (or whatever the social network is of the future) profile info/related friends, latest travel info, and whatever someone wants to make public.

For someone like me that would be mostly everything. Some people wouldn’t want to share anything just like they don’t want to now. That’s always good to know and give people the option to not share everything with potential stalkers…

Augmented reality with personal recognition could actually make stalkers a thing of the past. We could have a public creeper database that people could contribute to in realtime. Tag creepers in realtime to help others. Maybe I’m just being ridiculous.

If the mytouch gps works on a plane…,121.7980 that link should be somewhere over the middle of the Pacific. Guess I’ll find out when I am back on the ground.

Mmmm… I have no idea what they just handed me on the plane but it sure tastes good… some sort of tortilla goodness. In fact, I’d say it is the best airline food I’ve ever had!


  1. Jim Hart

    Link went back to Pudong airport. That’s weird….

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