Shanghai is a true international airport

I’ve been to four airports in China now. All of them have had international in their English names. However, Shanghai is truly an international airport. There are twice as many international terminals as there are domestic terminals.

Now, speaking of international travel from China. It is very different than the States and Europe. When I fly from the US to China, if I have a connecting flight, I receive both boarding passes when I first check-in. Leaving China is a very different story. My flight back connects in Shanghai, but I was only given the boarding pass from Guangzhou to Shanghai. I had to go get my bag and then goto a transfer hall and get my boarding pass from Shanghai to Los Angeles. I’m sure there is a reason it is done this way, but it is so different than the West. It can be somewhat confusing when you can’t understand most of the signs in the first place.,121.7987


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