I use a lot of data even when I’m traveling abroad

Cellphone plans are a bit different in China and Hong Kong than they are in the States. I have a Verizon plan and a tmobile plan (for my android). The china-mobile sim card I have gives me two numbers, one for China and one for Hong Kong. I recharge it everytime I visit. However, anyone can recharge my card for me. Today was a great example. I ran out of charge on the card, and my contact in China recharged my card while I was sitting in the train station waiting for the train to Kowloon. Of course, I just missed that train since I don’t read Chinese!

Sometimes, I really just prefer doing things the way I am familiar with doing them. Normally, I take a train to Shenzhen and walk across the boarder. I did that earlier this week. This time, since I’m in Guangzhou, I decided to take a direct train from Guangzhou to Kowloon. So much for making it easier… at least I learned something… better to be a stupid American wandering into open doors than to miss a train and get delayed by 40+ minutes.


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