Fish standoff and alternate happy endings

What’s up with these fish? And what’s up with an optional happy ending? I stopped by a spa in Guangzhou this evening, a much needed masssage after a long week of traveling. I was a bit bummed when we saw that there was a buffet included with the massage after we had just dropped a couple hundred RMB on some Korean food. The Korean food was good for sure, but no reason to spend money I don’t need to.

We get up into the waiting room and just relax. I end up falling asleep for a bit. After a nice foot massage, it’s time for a little Chinese woman to walk on my back. Everything is going normal. She’s walking up and down my back. It’s a very good massage. Then I flip over… "this is okay?" she asks grabbing my junk. I’ve seen this on "mind of a married man" so I’m not startled, but it is a bit ackward. I tell her no, and she just goes about the massage like normal.

I find out that is completely normal. It isn’t that way at every location, but it isn’t a big deal at that particular spa.

Anyway, what’s up with the fish in the lobby in a standoff?,113.2718

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