She is my World Peace

Something about my woman is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. She is like a guiding light no matter how severe the storm may be or how calm the sea. I look to her for inspiration, and she ignites a passion in me that sets my world ablaze.

When I see her, I swear she is more beautiful than the last time I gazed upon her stunning beauty.

When she touches me, I swear it is more breathtaking than the last time I felt her tender touch.

When I smell her, I swear she smells sweeter than ever before.

When I taste her sweet lips, I swear my mouth has never craved something so mouth-watering in my entire life.

When I hear her voice, I swear my ears have never heard a choir any more enchanting than when she says my name.

I am so twitterpated with her that I feel like the world often disappears when I hold her in my arms. She is breathtakingly beautiful and wonderfully intelligent. Everything about her fascinates me and has me dreaming/wishing for more. She draws out a sense of wonder from me as though I were a little boy with my first crush.

There are moments with her when I am overwhelmed with a sense of complete and total peace, as if the entire world is in perfect harmony. We are such a small part of the world, but she truly is my world peace


  1. I think you and I need to shake our hands together.

    …because your thoughts are same as mine.

    Me too!!!

    But there are a couple of exceptions exist in my case. You are lucky enough to see your woman in person. You’re lucky enough to feel her touch, to kiss her lips, to hold her on your arms.

    I can’t even see my woman in person as she lives in abroad for educational purpose. (Visit my blog for details on this. I invite you to do so. 🙂 ) So, as a result, I can only hear her voice over phone. That’s all I got to be satisfied with. 😦

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