My Favorite Memories with Her (So Far)

The best thing about this woman is that I didn’t ask for her. I didn’t write a list of what I wanted and then use the “law of attraction” to bring her into my life. I didn’t pray to God that I would have someone like this in my life. I simply showed up in life and she was there, unexpectedly.

Whether this list gets any longer is of no concern. To have met someone I shared the following moments with is more than gratifying 😀

In-n-Out has never tasted as good as the first time we kissed. She was the sweetest thing to take me to the airport for my business trip to China. I didn’t think about her too much while traveling abroad until I got sick in Hong Kong. She was also picking me up when I was supposed to return, but I had to postpone my trip back home. It was then that my niece and nephew (who live in Hong Kong with my brother and his wife) kept prodding me to start dating her. They both really liked her from her Facebook profile. Gotta love the social networks!

Returning home from China felt so much better once I had her in my arms. She is beautiful in every way. I completely adore her smile, and seeing her for the first time after a 10 day trip to China was nothing less than heart warming.

Dipping my toes in the other side of the Pacific with her. Back in beautiful Southern California, we headed to the beach where we got to watch the sunrise. She is a beautiful sight in the morning!

While the cat’s away, the mice will BBQ. She went on a week and a half long family vacation, and I threw my first BBQ in several years. We both had a great time while we were apart, and it was again so enjoyable to have her back in my arms when she returned.

Late night French Toast… Doesn’t seem like it would be that big of a deal, but I had to blog about it.

The Comedy & Magic Club in Hermosa, followed by pier time trickery. Not much funnier than helping a drunk guy squeeze through the bars of a gate on the pier and then walking away to watch him try to figure out how to get back through the bars… We eventually went back to help him after a nice long chuckle 😀

Orange County Super Fair, not once but twice! First time, just the two of us. Second time, nephew + Sister, and a couple of old friends.

Taking her to a gay bar with my gay buddy. This is definitely a great way to get your girl all over you LOL

Double dipping with some west coast swing dance until midnight and salsa until 2 in the morning, followed by the crazy foreigner at Denny’s reading horoscopes to fellow patrons.

Sand crabs!!!

She’s sweeter than Strawberry and Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast!

Traveling to Florida on business while she’s playing with her friends in Las Vegas. I think she’s been to Vegas more than I’ve been to the bathroom 😛 It was so nice to talk with her each evening I was in FL. Much like my business trip to China, she was the last person I saw when leaving and the first person I saw when coming back. I still remember seeing her toes while I was coming down the escalator. The second I saw them, I was smiling from ear-to-ear 😀

Out with my little brother, completely inebriated… She thought I was really funny, which I usually am when I’ve had that much to drink. Somethings I can’t remember, but thinking about her is definitely not something I forgot. She was on my mind all night long.

Taking her to Magic Mountain for the first time and not having to wait in any lines. The look on her face after going on Tatsu was priceless! Sitting down with Supergirl and Batman capes for one of those fair games they have. Well, there was one line for Riddler’s Revenge, but they were playing club music, so we got to dance instead of wait in line 😀


  1. Ken Kendall

    I just read your blog “I’m over it.” That was fantastic. It wouldn’t let me leave a comment so I am leaving it hear. That poem is incredible.

    I just started blogging myself. It is a blog about how men should love their sweetheart. Check it out. I would love your comments and feedback.


  2. Mannnnnnn you’re making me jealous..not for the woman you have got, but because my sweetie doesn’t live around me. 😦

    You are EXTREMELY lucky.

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