Taken Women vs. Taken Men

It’s happened to us all. We start dating someone and all of a sudden people of previous interest start showing up all over the place. Then there’s the onslaught of new takers… Is it the way we dress? Is it our swagger that draws in the attention? Is it the fact that we appear more confident because we know we have someone special in our life? Or perhaps it is a cosmic joke to test to see how good we are at keeping our pants on and our lips to ourselves.

I don’t really know the answers to any of the questions above, but I do know one thing… Men react completely different to finding out a woman is with someone than women do. Take for example, hypothetical girlfriend Sally. She starts dating Harry and then goes out for a girl’s night with her friends. They happen to bump into guys who are out for a bachelor party (we all know what happens at bachelor parties!) The guys ask Sally if she’s seeing anyone… As soon as she says yes, they guys note that on the account and move on. They aren’t going to piss on that branch, if you know what I mean.

Harry goes out with the guys to some club. Guys night out. They bump into a bachelorette party (much more scandalous than bachelor parties, lemme tell ya!) As soon as the girls find out Harry is seeing someone it’s over. By over, I mean it’s over in a bad way. The girls are going to ask him questions like how long they’ve been dating. Apparently, if they haven’t been dating more than a certain number of months then it’s like he’s not dating anyone at all.

Few guys will pursue a woman he knows is with someone else, even if he knows they’ve only been dating for awhile. Any guy that does is a total piece of scum, so women can be forewarned. Don’t get upset when the guy turns out to be an utter douche. If he’s willing to screw over his own gender, he’s not worth your time.


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