Kinda Like a New Car

I like my women just like my cars: shiny, just the right curves, low miles :-P, easy to handle, low maintenance, purrs when you turn her on, and makes your heart race when you rev her up!

Dating someone is a lot like getting a new car. There’s that initial 500 miles that you don’t want to rev the engine too high. It’s the breaking in period before you can really take her on a joy ride. For me, 500 miles goes by really fast. I drive a lot.

Then there is that first three month period. You are taking things pretty easy, but you don’t want to be too cautious. Part of the appeal of the new car is the exhiliration you feel around the corners. She handles well, so you take her through the canyons for a ride along the coast. Maybe you stop off at the Neptune’s Net for a quick bite… Times are good during the first three months.

After three months, you get a little lazy. Initially there was no food allowed in the new car, but one meal won’t hurt. Certainly, there was no farting… but that macho burrito isn’t settling quite like you thought it would. However, the most significant thing that happens in the first three months is always that first door ding. Some jerky just had to do it. It’s upsetting at first and then you realize you still love your new car.

Fast forward nine months later… Hopefully you and your new car are not pregnant! If you’ve made it an entire year, you’ve gone through plenty of door dings. Maybe you’ve even had to replace the brakes if you drive like me. However, if you are still looking at your car the same way you were when she was less than three months old, you just might be thinking she’s worth keeping around a while longer.

After the end of the second year, if you still think your car is a sexy bitch, she’s definitely a keeper!


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