There is No Such Thing as a Defibulator

The only true Defibulator is a discontinued gag gift that used to be sold by a company called Gadget Universe. When my friend told me yesterday that her father was getting a defibulator, I nearly crapped myself! So I asked, “He got a defibrillator? As in shocked with paddles?” She said no, he was getting an implanted defibulator. To which I pointed out that it is a defibrillator. She was adamant it was a defibulator and that she even looked it up on the Internet.

It is a defibrillator because it performs defibrillation. There is a defibulation process, but I don’t think that would be a procedure that a guy is going to get (google search and you’ll see why :-P)! What I found interesting was that there are scores of websites that sell products called defibulators and refer to defibrillators as defibulators. I don’t think I’d want to purchase a defibulator from anyone. If you are buying a medical device from a company that can’t even get the medical terminology correct… I wouldn’t turst my heart to it!


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