Meeting New Family

Yesterday was my younger sister’s baby shower. Something interesting about my family is that there are a eight of us but our family is small at family functions. My sister is only the second one of us to get married and the third to have a child. My oldest brother is married and has two kids. They live in Hong Kong, so they are not at family functions here in the States. I got to meet my brother’s family and some in-laws when I was in Hong Kong earlier in July. It was good. But I digress…

On my sister’s husband’s side of the family there are not a ton of siblings, but there are a whole lot of cousins. It was the first time I got to meet the whole extended family, and it was great! I had met my brother and sister in-laws and extended father in-law a month and a half earlier when we started planning the shower. After I met with them, I texted my sister to tell her that she made a great choice 😀

The baby shower further confirmed that she made an excellent choice. There were about 30 new family members that I got to meet. Unfortunately, I can’t remember half their names, but I do remember something unique about everyone of them! They are great people that I’m very happy to call family 😀

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