I’ve had my ups and downs about Magento, and I’m sure I love for this amazing open source ecommerce platform will waiver for the remainder of my existence. However, at this moment, my Magento love is strong… Very strong. A good deal of my love of Magento is due not to the hard working folks at Varien (although they certainly deserve praise) but from the module developers at aheadWorks.

Artyom and the gang over at aheadWorks have really put together a series of phenomenal modeles for Magento! My personal favorite has been the Help Deak Ultimate module. It has saved my company countless hours of telephone support and made our ability to manage customer returns so much easier! They keep adding modules that add tremendous value to the ecommerce experience when shopping at my company’s website. I don’t like to publicly heap praise upon developers unless they really develop some killer apps, but the folks at aheadWorks definitely deserve props for their Magento modules!


  1. Great set of modules from Aheadworks.

    We now have 5 mods ourselves and a fifth (for Magic Touch) launching next week. Would be keen to hear your feedback.


    • I actually have installed the zoom module for Magento on one of my stores. It is one of the best features of the entire website.

      • Great! Have you also seen the upgraded version, Magic Zoom Plus? http://www.magictoolbox.com/magiczoomplus_magento/

        Next week we will also release a Magento module for our latest tool, Magic Touch, which is excellent if you have very high res images (more than 1000px).

      • That is a very nice upgrade. One option I think would be nice is if the main picture could change based upon the product options selected in the Magento store front. For example, I have color as an option for many of my products. It would be nice to automatically change the blue to red when the customer select red and vice versa. Over all, you have a great product. Is there an upgrade discount?

      • Yes, the upgrade to Magic Zoom Plus is only £14 (normal price £39). Request your upgrade link here: http://www.magictoolbox.com/contact/

        Do you already have an image for each colour of your products? If so, it is possible to change the image zoom when you select a different colour. It might need some customisation, but its not complicated 🙂

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