Why Microsoft Changed the Office Interface

When Microsoft changed their interface to their office suite years ago, I stopped using it. The change was so radical that I didn’t want to waste my time figuring out how to use their new shortcuts and lame buttons. For years, I couldn’t figure out why they made the change. It made no sense to me at the time, but as is often the case… Things make more sense over time.

Today it dawned on me! Open Office was just coming to the market. MS chose to change the interface then because it would still be years before Open Office captured any market share. The end result? Anyone using MS Office (which is most PC users) over the last couple of years find the Open Office interface to be “weird”.

To be sure, the Open Office suite is deficient on many levels. For example, the Base application just sucks. That’s really the only feedback I’m willing to waste on that pathetic application. However, Writer and Calc rock. Those are what most people use, so save yourself some money and download OO instead of wasting your hard earned income tax rebates on MS Office.


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