Hollister Clothing Needs a Visit from the Boys of Hollister

No movie was more influential to the image of bikers being bad asses then “The Wild One” starring Marlon Brando. The city of Hollister, California’s 4th of July biker party was inspirational for this story. This biker party is something of biker legend and has put the city of Hollister on the map!

I was a little surprised when my friend who created Jack the Rabit told me about a threat by the Hollister Clothing company to sue companies from the city of Hollister if they use the Hollister name on their products. I highly doubt this is a publicity stunt by the Hollister company. They likely will make good on their promise. When they do, I’d love to see Johnny Strabler show up in Ohio (since that’s where the headquarters are for the “California” company Hollister).

This appears to be the case of a company’s head getting a little too big. I have not problem with the ficticious story that was made up about the Hollister 1922 brand. That is good marketing. However, when a big business starts going on the prowl against small businesses in a small city in California, it definitely rubs me the wrong way. The city of Hollister was around long before Hollister Clothing. Nothing would make me happier than watching the city of Hollister give a legal beatdown to Abercrombie & Fitch around this issue. I’d love to see the city of Hollister counter sue this arrogant Ohio company!


  1. V

    That is the most ridiculous thing Ive ever heard, what kind of morons would even attempt such a thing. If anything, Hollister the city needs to sue that tasteless clothing company!

  2. Mike

    I agree that the city of Hollister should countersue A&C, but I’m just curious as to what kind of clothing company would name a brand after HOLLISTER of all places? Is the next trendy brand going to be called Fresno? Maybe they can put pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge on their clothing. That is about as realistic as pictures of Seagulls and Surfboards on clothing labeled “Hollister”… Anyway I am in no way an attorney but I thought one of the conditions required for enforcing your trademarks was that trademarks need to be shown to be original to the trademark holder… As in I can’t copy a product you are making, and then sue you for selling it… I would think names especially with regard to cities would be the same way…

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