Don’t Mind the Guy on the Bicycle

I was driving back home from Chipotle the other day. I took the back road along the mall in Simi Valley. When I got to the stop sign at the end of the road, I arrived shortly before the lady in the car to my left. That would give me the right of way. So the lady stopped and waited. I saw a guy on a bicycle coming up along side of her, so I waited. The lady motioned for me to go, so I pointed to the guy on the bicycle who was now right along side of her. She started yelling and making large arm motions for me to go just as the guy on the bicycle passed her.

I figured she would have gotten the point that although I had the right of way, I didn’t because of the guy on the bicycle. As she started driving, she looked in my direction and gave me the bird. I couldn’t help but laugh at such an idiot.


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