Some Addictions Are Not as Healthy as Breathing

I’ve got this sweet addiction
more like a conviction
I Spent five years to life
most of it wishin
there was more than her bitchin

But man she fucked so good
panties off and there he stood
my soldier wearin his hood
Dive right in
the taste of her skin
The original sin

I’m going straight to hell
getting her to yell
my name
was the game
She’s insane
and I loved it
she sucked it
I fucked it
we trusted
there was more to our relationship
but in the end that was just it

Go to the movies
and fuck

Go to the beach
Let’s fuck

Go to the studio
Let’s fuck

Go to my place
Let’s fuck

Go to her place
and fuck
and it’s just my luck
that she wanted more
didn’t want to be just an easy score
And I wondered what for
it was the perfect setup
I’d get on my getup
and tear it up
my room, my kitchen
Everywhere I’d be slippin
up inside her
I never denied her
the sun or the moon or the stars
You name it
I’d blame it
on my addiction
she’s a vixen
call my name, I can’t help it

And that’s really all I wanted
She knew it and flaunted
her assets, I’m haunted
by everything that I wanted
Those curves
so superb
I deserve
one last taste
so make haste
don’t debate

I need her sweet nectar
and then I’ll deflect her
cuz the rest of her was nothing to me
sure I can see
that’s not healthy
not a relationship
but this bitch
she’s got hips
It’s makin me sick
I can’t kick
my addiction to her lips

no one can compare
I just want her there
in my bed for one more night
it’s always one more night
I need just one more night

For the last 5 years
I know it brought her tears
had all kinds of fears
that’s all I desired
to be inside her
and she was right
bitch was tight
and try as I might
be a better man
and understand
my addiction
I couldn’t put myself on restriction
Now I’m just wishin
for one more night


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