I Gave You 5 Years, You Take 2 Weeks

I’ve been writing a lot lately to get some of my thoughts straight around my ex-girlfriend. The night she said my friend killed himself because of me was littered with half a dozen other insults she flung at me… Insults that her mother apologized for, but she never did.

Writing rhymes helps me think things through. It takes a lot of exploration of emotion to make two lines rhyme with a rhythm that flows. I have gone through a myriad of emotional states, from hating her to having nothing but compassion for her. Most of the rhymes I’ve written so far have been brutal towards her. This is the first one I feel hasn’t been so brutal…

You are a wicked bitch
Twisted and sick
Took a shit
on my life
Gave me nothing but strife
from day one
you were coming undone
But I didn’t see it
Or maybe I couldn’t conceive it

People on the outside
couldn’t perceive it, you’d outwise
the world into thinking you were someone you aren’t
You lived your whole life as a lie
And I guess that’s why
it was so easy to say goodbye

Five years and you take two weeks
I wonder why I wasted my time
why I stood in line
thinking with this heart of mine
that one day we’d be sublime
drinking corona and lime
on a sandy beach on our honeymoon
I thought that day would come soon
but I’m just a bafoon

And I made mistakes
Five long years, there’s no debate
I’m not perfect
I don’t project that on my surface
but to call me worthless
Tell me that I don’t deserve this
life that I have
the friends that I have
you just want to drag
me down to your bottom, it’s sad
but I’m giving up on being mad

I’ve stopped calling you a cunt
I’m off the hunt
for wicked words to hurt you
to sting you
and bring you
to your knees
beg and plead
bitch please
just leave
and don’t deceive
the next guy
fill him with your lies

And I’m moving passed it
my heart, you gassed it
never felt so tattered and torn
but there’s no reason to morn
losing you is a blessing
so the anger I’m addressing
and still I find myself regressing
from time to time
I wish you nothing but the worst
Feel my hurt
I want you to feel what I’m feeling
the pain’s got me reeling

I can pretend like you were an addiction
Something I just had an itchin
for and was wishin
for more and more
Another knock on my door
tonight or tomorrow
but instead I feel the sorrow
The sorrow of losing someone I loved
Someone I held above
anyone else in my life
Someone I thought would someday be my wife
5 years, and now I just drive
down this lonely road, thinking I might wipe
out and crash and burn
There’s stripes for me to earn
lives lessons can be hard to learn


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