Steve, Bill… You’re Fired!

I’ve joked that Windows Vista is the real cause of the current recession (really a depression), but can anyone really call it a coincidence? The only thing worse to ever happen to the world of computing than Vista is 64 bit Vista. What a piece of crap!

Fortunately, we all have choices now. Enter Ubuntu. If you are using your Vista machine for basic web browsing, email, word processing, Ubuntu is for you. If you are using your Vista machine for coding PHP, MySQL, Apache apps, Ubuntu is for you. If you are using your Vista machine for .NET development… Visit Amazon and pick up some PHP books!

Have a need for Internet Explorer? I feel for you 😦

I have had my moments of support for Microsoft in the past. However, I can’t believe how worthless their technology has become over the years. Windows Vista is by far the greatest leap backwards in computing that we have ever seen. Will Windoze 7 be better? I keep hearing good things, but in just 30 minutes I was able to install Ubuntu and get my first blog posted about it.

Currently, my four computers are MAC, XP, Vista, and Ubuntu/Vista. There will likely be no more Vista only machine within the next couple of months.

The application installer makes my life so much easier. No more downloading and extracting the latest version of Open Office or Audacity or whatever application I use regularly. It even came with my favorite open source graphics editor installed: GIMP!


One thought on “Steve, Bill… You’re Fired!

  1. I love Ubuntu. Alas… no Adobe products. Without Photoshop (no, gimp doesn’t cut it) and InDesign, I can’t do my job.

    Back to Windows XP for now. But maybe I need to go barking up Adobe’s tree.

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