End of Luck for BCS?

Has the lucky run of the BCS finally run out? While many argue in favor of the BCS (it’s still in place), it really is total garbage. Let’s just take a quick rundown of how the BCS ranked teams have done this bowl season. After all, these teams are theoretically better than other teams, right?

#16 BYU gets spanked by unranked (Pac-10) Arizona

#11 TCU eaked by #9 ranked Boise St

#21 Missouri is one of the few better ranked teams this season that is going to beat their lower/unranked team

#13 Oklahoma St was demolished by #17 Oregon (Pac-10) in the second half

#20 Pittsburgh loses 3-0 to unranked Oregon St (Pac-10)

#24 Boston College loses to unranked Vanderbilt

#14 Georgia Tech is completely humiliated by unranked LSU

#15 Georgia handedly beats #18 Michigan

#5 USC utterly destroyed #8 Penn St

#12 Cincinnati if destroyed by #19 Virginia Tech

Perhaps the most embarrassing BCS ranking blow out… #7 Texas Tech (who was in the run for the BCS champion game for a short while) is completely annihilated by #25 Ole Miss!

#4 Alabama is completely dominated by #6 ranked (and undefeated) Utah

Now, I’m not saying that Utah should be considered the top team in the country. However, they did show that BCS rankings mean practically nothing. In fact, just about every team that played a ranked team or better ranked team this bowl season has shown us that the BCS is a total farce. The Pac-10 (the only undefeated conference in bowl games this season) in particular helped expose the the BCS rankings.

There are just a few games left, but this bowl season has really shown the absolute worthlessness of the BCS rankings.


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