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CNN’s Slave OOps (George Washington)

It wasn’t long ago that CNN had a grammar error on their homepage. However, the latest grammar goof I found on CNN is not so minor. I highlighted  what I’m sure  was a grammar error and not a factual error. It is well known that  George Washington never lived in the  White House. However, the quote from CNN reads as though George Washington (who we know owned slaves) lived in the White House while owning slaves:

Twelve American presidents owned slaves and eight of them, starting with Washington, owned slaves while they lived in the White House.

Slaves Helped Build the White HouseTwelve American Presidents, starting with Washington, owned slaves and eight of them owned slaves while they lived in the White House.

The words are exactly the same, but CNN certainly goofed with their wording that reads as though Washington actually owned slaves while living in the White House. He couldn’t have. The White House was finished after Washington died.

6 thoughts on “CNN’s Slave OOps (George Washington)

  1. You actually think that CNN is concerned with facts? That would meant there was a shred of dignity in an establishment who’s agenda was NEVER to report news, but simply tell a good story and make a fast buck. Perhaps the keen observation skills you have been blessed with would be better used pointing out the fact that by running stories about slaves building or serving in the White House cheapens Obama’s victory by taking truths that are no more important today than they were 100 years ago and making them out to be cheap irony. This election has proven that the racism of yesterday has been abolished.

  2. One may infer that Washington lived in the White House. However, nowhere in the article does it actually state that he did. Later in the article in clearly states that John Adams was the first president to live in the White House. It would appear that you did not READ to article, but merely skimmed it looking for faults.


    The information first posted is a relic of a story (oral history) I was told when I around seven years old, and the teller, used the name Lafyette. The actual name of the French architect commissioned to design, and direct the building of what became Washington, D.C. is Pierre Charles L’Enfant.

    Pierre Charles L’Enfant has been nearly written out of history as has Benjamin Banneker in relation to the building of Washington, D.C., and what is found on their participation is parse, and marginalized as to depict them as minor, bit participants.

    Additionally, per what is found on the internet, and writings post 1999, whole segments of events have been excised so as to make the reader not aware of pertinent acts that took place.

    The present descriptive history of Pierre Charles L’Enfant’s role in the building of Washington, D.C. makes the claim he was dismissed over money, but the real reason for his dismissal was his use of Benjamin Banneker as an assistant, second only to Pierre Charles L’Enfant himself.

    Whites were vehemently opposed to a Black man having that position over a White man, and it became a cause of major dissension between factions of the then U.S. ruling parties.
    While finances may have played a part in L’Enfant’s dismissal, the ultimate reason centers around his defense of, and insistence on using Benjamin Banneker in the role second to himself, and his resistance, and refusal to get rid of or move Banneker to a lower position.

    The other factor not noted is L’Enfant was not fired as much as he quit, and was fired post leaving the country with most of the architectural plans he had created regarding the building, and outlay of Washington D.C., and it was after he left the country, and the firing of Benjamin Banneker that the ruling parties realized they had no one that could finish the work L’Enfant had already began and they were faced with having to rehire Benjamin Banneker to redraw the portion of architectural plans L’enfant had taken, and they had to allow him to supervise the actual grading, and building of it.

    Thus, back to the claim of slaves building the White House, one , it’s called the White House by design to erase the fact it was designed by redesign by a Black man, Benjamin Banneker, and that he supervised it’s building. To downplay, and eventually erase that fact, the powers that were, made a conscious decision to call it the White House as part of the effort to dismiss Black claims of any rights, or participation in it as equals/people/U.S. citizens.


    The person calling themself Jason Goodnight is a tool. The name used actually comes from history, but was likely chosen because it was used in the movie “National Treasure”.

    Additionally, Obama being elected does not mean Racism is eliminated, just like the Emancipation Proclamations did not stop Whites from hanging Blacks daily for the next hundred years.

    Anyone making such a claim is either stupid, uneducated, and/or suffering from some miseducated white Supremist doctrine that serves no other purpose than to give them a false sense of value based solely on White skin tone.

    This backstory is relevant to show it took America 150 plus years to honor it’s promissary note as established by the Emancipation proclamation, and the various constitutional amendmants giving Afrimericans/Black right they did not have then, and still fight to enjoy now.

    This is a beginning not an ending, a beginning for Afrimericans to gain controls Whites have used to keep Afrimericans in various forms of slavery under the color of authority, and exclusionary practices.

    We can’t, and won’t do Whites any worse than done us.

  5. Are you kidding me??? a tool? Guess my life through elementary school…”Goodnight Jason, sleep tight” or the millions of other jokes I heard were all in vain. I was only a tool. And yes I’ve been told more than once and saw with my own eyes the goofy spin on my name in National Treasure.

    The fight is over. We have now become “The Man”. God I hope we don’t screw it up. Obama will do great things, but people who feel they must blame others for their life’s situations will do more harm to the Obama presidency than anything else. The playing field has been leveled. My president and my heritage are black. I am Very proud to be an “American”. I will not impose self segregation by tacking a prefix to that word. Members of my family fought and died to end segregation and now the last hurdle has been overcome. It’s time to take advantage of the opportunities that are ours and stop blaming otherpeople and situations for our own individual issues.

    As it has been said time and time again…It’s time to move on!

    Jason Demetrius Goodnight.

  6. @Neskire – This point of this blog was to show a grammatical error on the part of CNN. They are the largest news organization in America, and they make grammar mistakes just like the rest of us from time to time. The structure of the sentence does not “infer” that Washington lived in the White House while owning slaves. It states that Washington owned slaves while living in the White House. Later clarification in the article is irrelevant. A grammatical error is a grammatical error whether they clarify later or not.

    @AFRIMERICAN – Jason is not a tool. This story goes beyond the Emancipation Proclamation. Our Declaration of Independence stated that “all men are created equal”. America should never have done what we did by enslaving anyone, but we did. We should be thankful to those who have fought for this moment over the last 232+ years. We’ve seen progress (albeit, slow) towards true equality for all. We need to continue.

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