Yet Another Reason BCS Ratings are Pointless

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The BCS is worthless.

Yesterday showed once again that the BCS is completely worthless. There is no point other than to make people talk about how terrible a subjective system is in a definitive sport. Oklahoma slaughtered Texas Tech. It wasn’t even remotely close the entire game. I’m not saying Texas Tech is a bad team. They are a great team. They just got outplayed and out-coached by Oklahoma on Saturday.

The real question is why do we have a ranking system for a sport that is a win-or-lose sport? It’s not like these guys are figure skaters. Football is a game that you either win or lose (and sometimes tie). It’s like a race. You don’t see us rating Usain Bolt as #1 for any other reason than the fact that he holds the world record in the 100m dash, right? You win, you are top dog.

Yet, with college football, we seem to want a “national champion” so bad that we are going to sacrifice the quality of the competition. We’ve allowed the BCS to run the “national champion” rating system into nothing more than a joke. Occassionally they will get lucky a produce a good championship game (like Texas vs. USC) and keep the whole scam going.


  1. Every team has its off days, the key is to bounce back harder and stronger.

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