I’ll admit that I don’t know much about Sheila Blair (chair of the FDIC), but at least she is coming up with ideas that actually make economic sense! Paulson on the other hand has already spent 1/3 of the $700 billion dollars he charged on the National American Express, and believe me when I say that we aren’t going to see any benefit from that money and are likely not even going to get any of it back. Now, Paulson is talking about buying stock in banks, which is just the most ridiculous idea to ever come out of the building next to the White House. Granted, Paulson is going to be gone in January anyway, but his plans to spend the “bailout” funds like there’s no tomorrow really need to stop. W could certainly redeem himself a little by asking Paulson to resign or firing him if Paulson doesn’t resign.


  1. Matthew

    Paulson’s simply trying to give some quick cash to his buddies before his time is up…that’s all it is at this point. He’s a criminal, along with Bair, in my opinion.

    When people make claims that the Government is corrupt, they speak of people such as Paulson. But don’t be fooled… Bair is the same person, just with breasts.

    Look at what they did to WAMU. That was pure robbery and anyone who looks into it for 5 minutes can see that… unfortunately, it’s one of the MAJOR reasons this nation has been panicking. They see WAMU, one of the biggest, and oldest Brands they can remember go down in flames for no reason other than “the sky is falling”.

    They had plenty of cash to cover their asses… The FDIC and the OTS (aka JPMorgan) decided that it was a perfect time to swipe them up. But for $1.9 Billion? Who gets that $1.9 billion anyway? WAMU (or Washington Mutual, INC – The holding company?), nope… all that money went to Paulson’s cronies. So, basically, WMI (Washington Mutual) was shot, gagged, gang raped and thrown in the dumpster. All under our noses. They kept the media repeating “largest bank failure,” when, in fact, there was no failure.

    They knew they’d be bailing out banks… 2 weeks later they bailed out everyone BUT WAMU.


    Not at all…

    Now WAMU and JPMorgan are in court because apparently the JPM/FDIC tag team thought that they got to keep WMI’s money TOO!

    So now they got the Banking company, but they apparently want the Holding company that had nothing to do with it.

    The Holding company is getting a $20 Billion NOL + they have $4.4 Billion sitting in JPM’s bank that was robbed from them… they thought they threw a dead body into the dumpster, but they’re fighting for their freedom lately.

    Ready to see the slow, but sure destruction of the FDIC? Keep your eyes peeled… when WaMu is back under WMI, or they sue JPM (et al) and the FDIC/OTS, things are going to become more clear.

    So don’t believe this lady here is anything different than Paulson. Yes, Paulson is one of the evil brains behind all of this corruption going on since Spring, 2008, but the FDIC is the company behind the company (JPM), behind it all.

    …and JPM always seems to be behind Market Crashes. Do a quick search on that one, too. 😉

    JPMorgan was an evil man…he must be running his company as a ghost.

    Tesla didn’t call him the Devil for no reason! ;0)

  2. terry woltz

    Please put Sheila Blair as Treasurer Sec. she has so many good idea, I worked at Countrywide druing the re fi boom and we saw his coming.

    Paultson and Geithener are not visionaries, but Sheila Blair is. Find a place for her, she know the pulse of the mortgage problems. she will do a good job.

    Just listen to her, please.

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