At the time of this writing, 95.7% of the precincts were reporting results. The latest results can always be found on the Secretary of State’s website.

Since I’m writing this blog on a train, I’m glad to see that it looks like Proposition 1 is going to pass. The next big question should be whether the 47% who voted against Proposition 1 should be allowed to ride the train when it is built. I’m just kidding of course. Democracy affords the benefits of the majority to the minority. Just look at the $700 billion bailout. The majority of the population bailed out the minority of the banks that gambled with our money.

Proposition 2 passed with an incredible 63% Yes vote. The rooster crows in the morning were a little bit more jubilant than yesterday morning 😛 and you can hear cows talking along the I-5, heading to Central California.

Proposition 3 surprisingly passed, giving children’s hospitals more funds even though they had funds left over from the last time we put them on the ballot. Kids and animals are always worthy causes, but I’m not sure we really needed to cough up this money this year.

Proposition 4 went down in flames YET AGAIN. This garbage has been on the ballot for the last several elections. Somehow, it keeps coming back. Perhaps if we completely say NO to government dictation of birth for minors with a resounding 80% NO, we won’t have to keep voting on the same junk every time.

Proposition 5, 6, and 7 all went down in flames, losing soundly. What I thought was funny about the Proposition 6 is that all the cronnies on the TV kept talking about how they were surprised by lack of support for this bill. I only have one word: hearsay.

Proposition 8, the ban on gay marriage is passing by a sound margain. 52.1% Yes on 8 is a very strong win. The total vote margin is more than 400,000.

Proposition 9 passed by a sound margin. Should people who voted no on this proposition not be notified when a perpetrator of a crime against them is released from prison?

Proposition 10 was so soundly defeated that we got to stand up here in California and say, don’t give us garbage incentives that aren’t going to make a damn bit of difference.

Proposition 11 may or may not pass at this point. This is an incredibly close ballot measure. The margin is less than 100,000 votes, so it could easily go either way. Hopefully Californians will vote in favor of democracy as opposed to a fictitious democracy that allows the people who get elected decide who ends up electing them. C’mon folks! This should have been a no-brainer.

Proposition 12 has ensured our veterans that they will have the funds needed to help make a difference in their lives.


  1. Adam Michelin

    on your smile for prop 2 – wait until the price of stuff goes up because a) the farmers compile and have to increase prices by over 25% or b) we now get our protein from out of state suppliers who raise their price because they can.

  2. Adam: Have you visited a Costco or Trade Joe’s? They have tons of items that are from better sources, and the prices aren’t 25% higher. Also, this isn’t just about the animals and prices. I can crap in tin foil and sell it to you for dirt cheap. There are very serious health concerns that come into play here. If you think cheap food is a good think, enjoy your heart disease and adult onset diabetes. I’ll pay a little bit more for my food so that I can keep my costs down later in life.

  3. daniel

    I’m very sad that I found this page.
    We don’t need to be spending any extra money in this state right now. Period, end of story. All the propositions that required more money should have failed in my opinion, minus the victims rights prop.

    As for the livestock proposition, wait until your meat comes from Mexico because farms here are failing left and right due to higher costs, and a lack of free range land. Think it can’t happen? Thanks to NAFTA, it totally can. Don’t worry though, I’m sure the livestock in Mexico is a picture of health and animal rights. Not to mention this is an act that scientists have come out in droves against because free range animals can’t be stopped from wallowing in and eating their own feces, which spreads disease far more than cage confinement does.

    Prop 8 should indeed pass because California voters already said no to gay marriage, and a select group people (i.e. supreme court judges) decided to throw what Californians wanted out the window. I’m sorry, marriage is NOT a fundamental right. I’ve never seen it mentioned anywhere in the US constitution, and before it became a legal issue, marriage used to be something dealt with in church.

    Prop 4 should have passed if for no other reason than it’s insanity that abortion is the only elective surgery procedure that a minor can enter into without parental consent. I’d be pretty distraught if my daughter died having any type of surgical procedure without my knowledge. I’m disturbed that I now live in a state where I can kill my child before it’s born, but I can’t smoke in the car with it once it is.

    I love that the liberal mentality is one that accepts spending massive amounts of money on bonds for things that we need right now like a moose needs a hat rack, but argues against a bailout to fund the banks that we all rely on for anyone, business or individual, that has to borrow money. If the banks can’t loan, we can’t buy houses, and business can’t buy property to build retail establishments, have start up capital, but new equipment, etc… Don’t get me wrong, I despise having to pay for the mistakes of others, but remember that for every shady loan the bank offered, there was a certifiable jack ass that signed for it. The banks are only so much to blame. Morons that over spent are the same people that used to get their legs broken by loan sharks because the banks had enough common sense not to lend them money.

    So, to you sir, I say congratulations on all of the victories you feel that you’ve won. I’m tightening my belt and preparing for the worst like a good conservative should. I hope we all can weather an Obama presidency, seeing as most of us work for the companies he’s going to tax harder, and all of us buy products or services from them. The tax breaks he gives to the middle class will mean very little when the cost of everything you buy goes up, and you get done paying the increased state taxes for all the money we just wasted giving livestock more grazing room, and riding trains that won’t get us where we need to go, because lets face it, Cal Trans can’t even get the freeways done right, or on time, so what the hell makes you think they’ll ever get a working mass transit train system done.

    When America is begging for a GOP president in four years, don’t worry. All us conservatives feel the same way you do. Democracy will afford the benefits of the majority to the minority, as long as any of us are left to enjoy them at all.

  4. commonreason

    Prop 4 is a losing proposition. Afraid your daughter might die under the care of doctor? Forcing minors to tell their parants they are pregnant can endanger their lives in more ways that one. How about the minor so scared of being beaten, or being forced to care for a child she cannot care for, forcing her to drop out of school, that she decides to let a friend attempt the abortion with a coat hanger? Sound good? How about suicide?

    You have to remember there are a lot of people living in hostile households, with parants that never should have had children in the first place, and you want their kids to repeat the cycle? Abortion is not a bad thing sometimes.

  5. Elephant

    Your commentary on every single proposition is close minded and naïve at best. I thank God people like you don’t have any decision making power because we would still be churning our own butter and riding in horse drawn buggies if you were. But nothing is as ridiculous as your last paragraph.

    “When America is begging for a GOP president in four years, don’t worry. All us conservatives feel the same way you do. Democracy will afford the benefits of the majority to the minority, as long as any of us are left to enjoy them at all.”

    Really? After the way the GOP just raped and pillaged this country for all it was worth over the past 8 years, I’m not sure anyone is going to be begging for a GOP president within the next century. I’m sure if the GOP told you to jump off of a cliff because it was good for your health you’d be the first in line. Such blind allegiance, like you clearly show, is exactly how this country got where it is today.

    The next four years wouldn’t be easy for any president GOP or Dem. The only regret with last nights victory for change is that it has to be a Dem that cleans up the mess brought on by GOP leadership or should I say greed/stupidity.

  6. daniel

    Abortion isn’t the issue I was discussing. Surgery was. Children can’t buy guns, drive, vote, get tattoos, get pierced, buy tobacco products, buy alcohol, get plastic surgery, etc… for a good reason. They lack the school of experience. I don’t want a minor to be able to have an elective procedure without parental knowledge.

    As for the scenarios you present, I’m sure they exist, but they aren’t common enough to be called relevant. A child that afraid of their parents will likely be killed or kill themselves over any number of issues. Not to mention that anyone can freely abandon their baby at a fire station, hospital, police station, or any number of safe surrender sites, even as a minor, without their parents consent or knowledge.

    Any child in a situation that bad should accept the very present and available help from social services/ child welfare/ the police/ their teachers/ the YMCA/ or any other available rational adult.

    Coat hanger abortions are performed anyways, even by people with access to proper facilities, because they’re too scared to even do that. Since we both know that’s illegal, and unsafe, I dare say it’s a moot point to discuss.

    Chances are, most people now a days shouldn’t have had children for one reason or another. People often have children for the wrong reason, and in bad situations. This is something that can’t be legislated, and that neither I, nor you, have any business deciding. I grew up in an abusive household until my dad left when I was 7. I have never wished that my mother had aborted me. Quite frankly, I enjoy being alive today. I’m married, marginally successful for my age, and have no want or desire to “repeat the cycle”. I’m sure that I’m not alone. Plenty of people have seriously bad home lives and go on to do amazing things. Barrak Obama is a prime example that comes to mind. Maybe you should e-mail him, and ask if he wishes if his mom had an abortion.

  7. ferns

    I was with the an organization called the Bus Riders Union, and we campaigned hard to defeat Prop 1 and Measure R. How is it that California is willing to build such an expensive train line from LA to San Francisco, when people here in LA County have a hard time getting to their jobs because Metro keeps refusing to fund a more efficient bus system. $300 million can greatly improve the bus system here in LA, yet it can only buy 6 miles of train tracks, and here with Prop 1 and Measure R, we basically handed them $60 billion for a project that will take 30 years to finish and and a century more to pay off. Way to go!

  8. daniel


    I would like to think that my extreme desire for progress through capitalism would have moved us beyond horse and buggy, but I can’t really say being that I’m not in a position of power, and wouldn’t want to be.

    I completely agree that I should never hold office. I have not the ability to lead or lie, and I have a lot of trouble “towing the party line”. I’m not quite sure how bad a leader I would really be, but I do have to point out that I do agree with you, I couldn’t be much worse than George W. Bush.

    My last paragraph was largely intended as jest, but I suppose the joke may have been lost given the tone. I was simply playing on what total B.S. I thought it was to actually hear someone say that it’s almost a shame that those that descent in political matters get to feel their rewards IF successful. The reason they voted against them is because they believe they will fail or are flawed. I seriously doubt people actually vote for things hoping they fail. Rewards are garnered by all only when things actually work out in a helpful fashion.

    As for me being some Über Republican Kool-Aid drinking, tow the party line, blow Ronald Reagan, gee golly willikers I wuv John Mccain so much type of guy, I have to disagree. I never once said that I was. I’m conservative. Not Republican. They just usually tend to more closely align with my beliefs and politics. I’m all for the best man for the job. This election year sucked. So did ’04. It’s pretty bad when the worst president in recent history gets kept in office because JOHN KERRY is the best the Democrats could do.

    George W. Bush fed-ex’d us to hell, not the Republican party, and not the GOP at all. The GOP is a reference to old school conservatives. Not the neo-republican shame that those have become.

    So, view me as a Neanderthal if you like, but personally I’m scared sir. I’m worried about my job, my house, and my finances in general. I’m just hoping that at some point soon people will stop and think about how much money we’re spending on bickering and B.S., and spend a little to save ourselves instead.

  9. dan

    To Daniel;
    I see your point of view on the surgery side of the abortion issue ( don’t agree with you, but thats my right), what I do want clarification on is do married people get punished if prop 8 did not pass? I guess my question is why was it so important that prop 8 passed? Pursuit of happiness right? Who are we to decide others do not have the right to be happy? People we do not even know. Sounds like we should head out and slaughter Jews…. same thing? Don’t know them but don’t let them be happy right? In addition this state is past the point of sustaining farming anyway (water reasons), lets face it, the whole thing was a dust bowl fall out, that got out of hand when the population got too high. Ag. in Cal. should not have a future ( i know currently supplies 50% of US, and probably the reason were the 7th largest economy in the world) here. I ask you these question cause you seem to be the leading authority on this site ( except for the thank god comment, lets face it, you just told everyone you believe in a fairy tale creature!). Well let me know your thoughts, and check out Although I agree with the morons getting loans, I do not believe in ever supporting banks….too much power as it is. Get themselves in, can get themselves out right?

  10. B

    Regarding homosexual “marriage,” I think people are at or near the end of their collective ropes. The gay agenda wants to redefine a history long tradition and arguably the foundation of civilized society. No one wants to deny homosexuals happiness or rights, but even in California, the notion of redefining the meaning of marriage, is just asking too much. Perhaps homosexuals should be more tolerant of the overwhelming majority.

    The parental notification proposition is a no-brainer, yet failed to pass again. All the empty arguments against Prop 4 are burped up by the same people who argue against any abortion limits at all. Now we have a President who voted three times against life saving measures for abortion survivors.

    Does anyone really believe that if the next parent notification measure made exceptons for murderous parents and suicidal teens, that the opponents woud then lend their support? That’s as likely as the pro abortion industry agreeing to pro life laws that make exceptions for rape, incest, and saving the mother’s life.

  11. Tom

    To Daniel:
    It doesn’t matter if you never saw marriage in the constitution. Whatever rights you have, others should have as well. If not, it’s called discrimination. Why could you get married, while others not? And it’s not medieval times when the church controlled everything. Why does only the church do marriages? Why does religion have to be involved in a marriage?

  12. cat

    since when does free range animals mean a bad thing? And animals who live in cage confinement are just as likely to roll around in their feces as animals allowed to roam…i have a big part of my family who own farms and cattle and confine them and i have friends with families who allow their animals to roam and be free range…wanna know the difference? the animals allowed to roam actually look….guess what?….healthier!!! why? cause they are able to do what they would naturally be able to do!

    and to daniel…..ummm…marriage was around long before your so called church and before your Church and your religion, marriage was ran by the governments of the Old World. So guess what…traditionally the government holds power over marriage, not Christianity or any other religion..and to deny gays, lesbians, etc these rights goes is wrong, unconstitutional (for the simple fact that you are giving one group a certain right, but not another…hmm…sounds a lot like the old issues of segregation and the old issues of women not being able to vote…what makes this different?)…seriously..gays and lesbians live in houses together and do the same things as married couples…is a gay man holding another gay man’s hand in public ruining or harming your life? no…so get over it and support them the way you would want to be supported if you were in their shoes

  13. peace.

    I don’t eat meat, I’m so excited two passed. All you cheap people who love torturing animals… sorry. And a good percent of our beef comes from brazil so if the rise of beef goes up due to American farms, you can all eat your dieseas ridden “cheap” beef and destroy the rainforest as well…. good for you:)

  14. Lila

    Just a few follow-ups to:
    Prop 2-never heard the ranchers that marketed “free-range” beef and poultry (e.g. eggs) before this proposition have a complaint about their animals wallowing in their feces. Obviously it wasn’t an issue until the opponents of prop 2 made it one. Also, if you read the prop- it states “Requires that calves raised for veal, egg-laying hens and pregnant pigs be confined only in ways that allow these animals to lie down, stand up, fully extend their limbs and turn around freely.” How simple is that? You don’t have to have acres of land to meet this requirement.

    Prop 4- this is in response to Daniel
    If children had decent relationships with their parents, they would either be educated in protection, abstinence, or if an accident occurred, feel safe enough to include their parents in the decision making. But only in a perfect world…. My vote no was to protect the rights of teens not in safe situations. Abortions among teenagers has decreased, as it actually has among women of all ages. Being concerned about the surgical risks is admirable, but if you were counseling a teen considering an abortion, would you really be giving them the risk/benefit ratio or would you be appealing to her emotions?

    Prop 8- I agree with Tom- marriage is a practice promoted by religion (justification through biblical references). Therefore, I feel this issue was not about the right of marriage, but about the religious denunciation of homosexuality. That is one of my biggest issues with organized religion-its lack of tolerance-ironical, because true spirituality embraces all without any judgements.

  15. love.

    Oh and there is no “right” form of marriage. We can call no form of it right….. man and women monogomy is just the norm here in America. Are you all aware on Tibet three or more brothers may share a wife. In certain tribes in China they practise free love. The Kung! tribe has many wives. All over the world people have their views of marriage, and marriage is such a broad ideal that there is no right or wrong… Take a anthropology class for all you close minded people. No one has any right to classify marriage. And if you argue it is morally wrong because they can’t reproduce as one girl did, does that make it morally wrong for people born infertal to marry someone as well, just cause they can’t reproduce. And religion, first of all Christian is one of the few religions that only designate a man and a woman can be married and everything is morally wrong. Christianity isn’t the only religion in this country let alone state. And do we all forget about seperation of religion and state? and lastly to all those egotistical prics who like to call themselves “men” you love the fact you can watch women make out and be all over each other but put the image of a man and a man on each other you freek out. If this was for lesbian rights I bet it would have been closer to passing, but “men” have to be hypocritical. If you don’t like it, simply don’t look.

  16. donknipschield

    There is a serious difference of opinion and the debate is wide open. I don’t happen to believe that there are good financial controls on the bullet train idea, and we’ll have to hire a small army of accountants just to keep the budget from running off track.
    Why all this fuss about marriage? It doesn’t work for half the people who try it, so why should we seek to visit that kind of failure on half the unmarried people of same sex or not? We need some serious work on the practice of marriage.
    Crime and punishment is always good for a ballot argument, but why can’t we build a justice system that addresses these issues without being finessed every election? It takes good people with integrity, so let’s hire them.

  17. daniel – Several things (I probably should have written a separate blog about this)… I’m not worried about Mexico meat because I get my meat from Costco and Trade Joe’s. Both of these stores use free range animals for their meats and have fewer hormone injections and problems with diseases than tightly caged animals. Did I mention the better prices as well!

    For your argument about marriage not being explicitly written into the constitution, you might want to think about that when you hear your Miranda Rights. Those weren’t explicitly written into the Constitution either but were derived by the Supreme Court in 1966 based upon the 5th Amendment. There are many things not explicitly stated in the Constitution, but something that is stated in the US Constitution (and CA Constitution) is that our judges decide legal matters. OH MY! What a novel concept, judges deciding legal matters.

    For your abortion argument, you might want to do a little research on abortion. Early stage abortions are done with a pill. There is absolutely NO surgery whatsoever. Having the government enforce parenting standards is the LAST thing we need.

    It is sad that you think in a state with 7% unemployment and rapidly climbing, people not being able to afford their homes is solely based upon idiots who spent too much money. People are losing their jobs. The economy sucks. Our Congress failed us in monitoring the banking industry. The banking industry was rampant with stealing money from mortgage customers, and you think it is all the fault of people who spent unwisely! The most unwise spending has come from our no-tax but spend like crazy administration and Congress over the last 8 years.

    Also, you failed to read my other blog about Proposition 1. Not that I can blame you. I don’t have the most popular blog in the world. However, I stated that anyone complaining about their investments failing should stop wasting their money in Delaware corporations and invest them in California. Prop 1 issues bonds. The interest on those bonds is tax free. What a great concept, eh?

    As far as prices going up, I’m going to have to be blunt: Get a clue. Where do you think our additional $7 trillion dollars in national debt has come from in the last 8 years? The federal government has been playing with our money. Subsides have been handed out like they are going out of style. You may think inflation has been curbed my friend, but our country has been putting everything on American Express. Prices haven’t gone up because our federal government has been increasing the national debt to keep the prices down. Look at the ridiculous subsidies on oil, gas, food, etc.

    Also, please don’t call yourself a conservative. If you think that the GOP is remotely conservative, you need to go read the Federalist Papers, which is what the foundation of the GOP should be based upon but has long since been abandoned. The Republican Party is the most liberal party we’ve seen in American history. The Republican party ran this country with George W. Bush, 7 of the last 8 years. They are a disgrace to what was once a respectable, honorable political party. Don’t even think for a minute that George W. Bush is to blame for everything. Congress is equally powerful as the President, and the Republicans have been running it since Bush got in office. They gave him anything and everything he wanted and we ended up were we are. To top it off… We are the ones who put them in office. So ultimately we need to look at ourselves. I think America took a collective look in the mirror on Nov. 4.

  18. It is a bitter and sad day for California’s gay and lesbian community. It is also hard to grasp that you voted in your first African American president while carving permanent, legislative discrimination and bigotry into your state constitution.
    An inclusive and human-rights based society is the only one that will survive. How oppressive is your nation!! I am so sad for you.
    You voted for it as bible-thumpers, unfortunately.
    So much for fairness and unity and Yes We Can. Apparently as far as you are concerned, if you’re gay, you can’t.

  19. Hmmmmmmmm i think more spending is ok. We have the fifth biggest economy in the world we can afford a bit more spending based on taxing our huge economy.

  20. CR

    The fact that prop 8 passed makes my blood boil with anger. “Tradition” springs forth from people’s mouths when rationalizing their view that gay marriage should be illegal.

    If we didn’t break tradition, women couldn’t vote. If we didn’t break tradition, the earth would still be at the center of the universe. If we didn’t break tradition, blacks would still work in cotton fields. Tradtions aren’t always bad, but sometimes, because they are traditions and have kept with us for so long, we fail to see how they trample on human rights.

    Prop 8 supporters are just like democrats of the South during Lincoln’s time. I just don’t see the big deal with giving people who love each other the same title “marriage” as other couples. Their love is not equal? If European countries have legalized gay marriage, why can’t we? I guess this really isn’t the “Home of the Free”. And that makes me so terribly sad.

  21. Voice

    regarding the most important prop poeple, prop 11, we can not way our eyes away from somthing so idiotic like prop 8, if 11 passes then it will make the citizens responsible for politicians defeating the purpose of thier presence as officials. Allowing them to have more freedoms to make mistakes with no risk. (just another government schem). As for the BIG turn of the eye prop 8 sorry poeple but changing marriage is wrong, i know it sounds rough but Canada isn’t really that far away if you love someone. OLD Mormons tried changing marriage nope sorry no polygamy, aww to bad,. and Just Because the rest of the world has their view of marriage dosen’t mean we should all share thier views, yeah the world lets minors drink beer at 16 maybe even 12 im sure its somewhere out there. Prop 11 BIG problem no flaws

  22. Proposition 8 is proposition late. One day there will be equality for all, but until then we must keep up the fight, regardless of our personal orientation.

    c james.

  23. Proposition 8 is proposition late. One day there will be equality for all, but until then we must keep up the fight, regardless of our personal orientation.

    See more on this subject at

  24. Michael

    Just a question on your prop. 4 view. Short of saving a life, there is no legality in performing ANY medical procedure on ANY minor in this nation without parental consent, whatsoever. Abuse of a minor is a horrible thing, but a different issue entirely and we have child services to protect those who fear for their lives. Here’s my question. Abortion issue aside and speaking on condition of generic medical treatment itself: if you had a sixteen year old daughter, would you be happy to find out that a doctor performed treatment on her without your consent? I understand people’s fears of abuse, however; parents have rights too and that proposition seeks to protect those rights. They’re expected to take care of their children and if they’re not in school, it’s the parents fault; but they’re not allowed notice of an extensive medical treatment on that same child?? I’m not a parent. I’m pro-choice. I’m quite young and so I challenge you to put yourself in a parent’s shoes and use reason in your decision. Let me know what you think.

  25. Michael – VERY GOOD question and excellent point. My take on this bill is that we do not need additional laws, let alone and amendment to our constitution to enforce child-parent communication. My understanding is that any prescription or medical service provided to a minor must have parental consent. A 16 year old cannot even purchase Nyquil without parental consent.

    Unless I’m missing a loophole somewhere in the law, a parent has the right to sue a doctor for malpractice for performing an abortion on their underage child just like they would have the right to sue if the doctor prescribed Ridilin without their permission.

    So, to answer your question… I would sue a doctor who performed any medical procedure or prescribed any medication to my 16 year old daughter.

  26. Kendra

    Just FYI, Prop four was 48% to 52%, not 80% “no”. Why don’t you check to facts before you rant about something. Also, this is not government dictation for minors, it’s simply notifying a parent that you are getting and abortion, and then waiting 2 days. You don’t need permission with this prop. If a child can’t have an advil at school without getting permission from a parent, why can they have abortions without notification? Just another perspective on the proposition.

  27. This state just keeps taxing itself into oblivion. They couldn’t nail us in the current budget so they went back door with the train and the hospital boongdoggle. And got it!!! And there are local “open your wallet” measures that passed as well. Either rigged Diebold voting machines called these measures, or Californians are incredibly stupid. Either way, I’m outta’ here…

  28. David

    I agree with everything Daniel is saying. The state of California is already not doing well financially, and now you just want to fork over billions of dollars for things we don’t even need.

  29. kristina

    To everyone worrying about rising meat expenses, why dont you TRY and cut it out of your diet?? Then you wont have to worry about your daily intake of animal coming from bad sources (ie mexico). I’m not saying become a vegetarian, but if you stop and think about it every time, and save meat (like a good filet, from a local farm) for special occasions, you could be all around healthier, saving animals lives, and saving money. The conditions these animals are in are inhumane and disgusting, visit a slaughter house and see where the animals have been before they are brutally slaughtered, it may change your mind. Prop 2 was a huge step in animal rights.

  30. wd

    There are just too many closed minded people. FYI Kendra, he never said it was 80% “no”. Try reading that again and make sure you understand it before commenting on it. Anyway, we are such narrow-minded people that think we always know what is right. Yes, there is not anything in the constitution about same-sex marriage. But times are changing and we should be willing to as well. Can anyone tell me that 20 years ago they thought there would be a african-american president?? Didn’t think so. As far as the abortion prop, if you haven’t gone through it, then don’t act like you have. Elephant is right on with his points. Try to remember what it was like as a teenager, not who you are now.

  31. tnameat

    I’m glad prop 8 passed I don’t care much about gay marriage but I know they would teach it in schools it’s already all over television and other forms of media. So I voted yes on 8.

  32. All of this is making me sick to my stomach.
    Proposition 4…..
    I was raised in Kansas (dead smack in the middle of “PRAISE JESUS OR BURN IN HELL” country), and I was raised in a VERY religious household. My mother cried for 3 days and insisted that I was a “slut” when my doctor put me on birth control pills at age 17 because I would get cramps so horrible every month that I was throwing up from the pain (and no, I wasn’t having sex). But if I was having sex, and I did get pregnant… no, telling my parents just was not an option. Period. Ever.
    When girlfriends of mine in highschool thought they were pregnant, they would have their boyfriends or friends repeatedly punch them in at their waist as hard as they could to hopefully knock any potential babies out of place. And yes, there were coat hangers. Teenagers are afraid of their parents… especially if their parents are really religious. It’s not that any of us would get beaten or killed or abused- but the terror was still there, and very real. And unless you’ve been a teenaged girl raised in a setting like this one- you’ve got no clue what you’re talking about and can shove your opinion… well, I won’t swear on someone else’s blog…. but you get the picture.

    And I’m not going to even started on Prop 8… I’ve got my own rant going about that on my own blog. I will say that my heart broke wide open when this passed. I thought we were moving forward as a nation. I guess not. My family’s sympathy goes out to the loving couples out there who were slapped in the face with this nonsense. Be patient- the old and ignorant won’t be around forever.

    Prop 2…. I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 14. My 10 year old son has never had meat, and his doctor says he’s one of the healthiest little fellas that comes in there. So if people get some sort of creepy poisoning because they just HAVE to have their cheap buffalo wings from chickens raised in horrible conditions in Mexico or whatever… I just see that as nature’s way of saying “screw you”. If you’re not buying your meat from free range, hormone free vendors in the first place- you’re asking for it anyways. Ya get what ya pay for.

  33. Lila

    FYI- in the state of California, it is legal to provide birth control to minors without parental knowledge of consent. Abortion falls into that category. So, currently, it is legal for a minor to decide/choose to have an abortion without parental consent. A parent/guardian cannot sue if the minor consented to the procedure.

    A minor may consent to an abortion without parental consent or court permission (ruling Cal. Health and
    Safety Code 123450, requiring minors to obtain parental consent before an abortion, violates the right to
    privacy guaranteed by the California Constitution)

  34. daniel

    I must say that I thought about this blog all day at work. I talked to numerous people about it. I thought up witty and relevant arguments to all of the people who cared enough to argue with me. I even tried to rethink my positions, and really evaluate why I believe how I believe, and what got me here…

    Then it hit me and I smiled. This is one of the first times in quite a while that so many issues have come up that are worth discussing that aren’t George W. Bush and friends. The more I thought, the more I smiled. I wish more people believed like I do, as I’m sure most of you do. We like to think we’re right. Maybe si, maybe no. The conclusion I came to is that I’m so less worried about what’s going on right now because it seems like for the first time in too long PEOPLE ARE PAYING ATTENTION. People have an interest in what the hell happens in this country, state, community, household… I thought about this today, and I smiled. Today, I felt especially proud to be an American. We live in a country where this free exchange of ideas is allowed, and we’re actually doing it.

    So, all partisan B.S. aside, today, I felt proud to be an American. I felt a sense of pride and happiness for myself, and for all the people that have taken their time to come here and bare their soul. You may all disagree with my views, but that really isn’t the point. That’s where the point gets lost. The point is we live somewhere that allowed me to disagree with the views of this blog, and allowed all who did, disagree with me.

    I want to thank all the people who took opposition to my views. Thank you for making me think. Thank you for making me take the time to question my ideals, figure out my positions better, and establish better within myself why and what I believe.

    We may disagree, but I believe we can agree that we can all be proud of ourselves for taking an active interest. For trying to make the world see things our way. For doing what the fore fathers of our country wanted us to do.

    People will always disagree, but I say God bless America for letting us do it. For all the blood shed, and hard work over 232 years of American History for us to be free today.

    Thank you again,


  35. raquel

    son muy hermosos y hay que seguir adelante con las historias relatadas

  36. glugs

    Re: Prop 2 and farm animals… What worries me more is that you’ve got people voting with emotion, not the facts, on something as fundamental as local food supply and food safety – something that the majority of people really don’t understand. They think they do, but their frame of reference is incompatible. When people say they want to know where their food comes from, and then go on to say their food comes from Costco, are the epitome of those who can’t be relied upon to vote knowledgeably. Propositions and the “popular vote” are not the appropriate forums for making cavalier decisions about food.

    When emotion gets high, logic goes down and people can’t see past a singular objective. Some confinement of farm animals is not cruelty, especially when all their other needs are met including social contact with other animals, great nutrition, protection from bad weather and predators? And there are free range animals that are not treated well in other aspects. But sensationalism is what sells and many of us eat it up.

    I respect farmers for taking care of their animals with the best knowledge they have to keep animals healthy and comfortable. Why is technology condemned in agriculture? Do we really expect modern farming to be a throw-back to the 1940s? Back then, hens were all free range, but then there was a lot more cases of salmonella in people and a host of other diseases/parasites in the hens. Guess why cage confinement was born?… to keep hens healthier and humans safer from contaminated eggs. There’s a reason why agriculture has adapted to meet modern-day demands, but fundamental values have not changed… farmers still want to grow food for the rest of us who don’t know any better about farming. I think it’s noble to base your life on growing food for other people who don’t fully understand farming, and yet you still grow food for them. The only real change in agriculture is the technology available for farmers to keep their animals comfortable and healthy, and to make sure our food supply is safe. Are we already forgetting about recent food scares and recalls?!

    Cage confinement of hens is a responsible way of producing eggs… the risks to hen AND human health is higher with non-cage systems, with much more serious consequences.


  37. defcon01

    Prop. 8 passed, very good.

  38. qballvet

    I’m glad prop 11 won, even though I can’t understand who in their right mind votes against this. Many of these districts are so Jerrymandered that incumbents often run unopposed. It’s not even worth paying attention to. I understand why CA’s Dems are against it, since now they actually have to fight for seats instead of being guaranteed them. In the South, Dems are the ones who yell about redistricting because the Jerrymandering favors the GOP. I think nationally we need to have redistricting done this way, it ensures more accountability by our elected officials.

    Oh, and as a veteran, I want to thank the people of California for passing Prop 12 by an overwhelming margin. I feel the love! I just wish I could find the people who voted against it and slap them in the face!

  39. qballvet

    Oh and I voted yes on 8, not because I’m all that interested in gay marriage one way or the other but because I’m tired of every group trying to have their way by using the courts. If you wanted it, you should have put it on the ballot and let the voters decide. Well, the voters decided, and we run the state, not the courts.

  40. Fiscal (bond) propositions are killing the California economy. The bullet train one makes sense because it will develop our transportation infrastructure and increase labor productivity. The clean energy initiative is socially responsible and will help achieve the critical mass needed to achieve sustainable energy in the long term. However, the children’s hospital one is needless. They are so flush with cash. I’m glad the one for more police and prison funding didn’t pass. The “justice” system in California is a joke and throwing money at it is the absolute worst thing to do. Please California stop fueling the bureaucracy.

    Good job shooting down prop 4 people. I think this blogs author said it, but I must reiterate: Didn’t we already vote this down a couple of elections ago?

    Prop 8: Shame on the yes voters. Shouldn’t gays have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us?
    Seriously though, ever heard of tolerance. I’m a tolerant dude but I do not tolerate bigotry. It’s the product of small mindedness and insecurity. And to the putos that try to argue the sanctity of marriage BS angle: have you seen what marriage means in this country? It certain is not sanctified I tell you that much. K-Fed and Britt Britt can get married thank you very much. Marriage in this sense is an archaic institution. Two people coming together to form a partnership through thick and thin is something very beautiful and sacred. That isn’t what we voted on, we voted on the legal term and giving different rights to people based on sexual orientation in discrimination.

    Prop 11 is kind of a joke. “Independent” commissions are never all that independent or effective and just add to the existing layers of bureaucracy. Yes we need to stop the gerrymandering BS. No an “independent” commission is not the answer. Find an objective and practical method. A monkey with a crayon would be better than prop 11.

    Overall, I am disappointed with California voters. I love Cali with all my ❤ but there really are a lot of ignant folks out there that vote on things that they know very little about, I bet you are the same ones that vote on your reps based on party affiliation or advertising, ew.

  41. Personally, I don’t think a civil right should be voted on by the majority. The Constitution protects the few, the ONE. If there were props up for women voting, we’d never would have gotten it! The courts will eventually decide on this…not the people.

  42. daniel – Thanks for your contribution to this conversation!

    Lila – Does this mean that an abortion is dealt with different than other medical treatment? Or can a minor go get a prescription to anything they want and their parent’s have no right to that information? If parents have no right to a child’s medical information, that’s a whole different story. Singling out abortion is one thing, but when parents have an obligation to protect and provide for their children, medical information is something they should have a right to access.

    Should we require doctors to notify parents of medical treatments they provide their children? I don’t think we should. I think we should allow parents to access the medical information about their children though. I also believe that a doctor that performs any medical treatment on a minor without consent from the parents should be allowed to be sued by the parents.

  43. sethandray

    Do Gay People Understand Us? Read this…

  44. PezGurl

    I can’t seem to find it again, but someone above mentioned what Prop 8 was all about and they’re exactly right. Prop 8 is not really about marriage. It’s about recognizing gays as a seperate group or class and if it wasn’t about that, you wouldn’t see them freaking out like they are now. They aren’t ranting and raving now just because they want to get married. The results of this vote was a HUGE setback for them as a group so they have to try and make a stand now. Bottom line, being gay by definition is a personal preference, not a legal right (like to vote).

    This whole thing is a big cluster bomb because what it has always come down to is whether you feel being gay is right or wrong. And that comes from your religious beliefs (if any exist anymore). If you feel that being gay is wrong in the eyes of God, then naturally you chose yes on Prop 8. If you have unorthodox religuous ties or none at all, then you really had no reason to vote yes, unless you’re homophobic and don’t want to accept homosexuality in society. Voting no on this opens up new doors that aren’t so obvious now. Gay storybooks and re-written text books in the schools taught to children, for starters, and some are already trying to do that anyway. Because if you make it officially all right for gays to marry, you make it all right for society to teach kids about it in every form. And then it will become mandatory to teach kids everywhere that being gay is perfectly fine. How many parents would take issue with that? The gays will love it, but will everybody else want this? Do God loving people want schools and other institutons to now teach that it’s okay to be gay? Because again, this is what it boils down to. And the majority of California voters answered that on Nov. 4.

  45. mr

    It’s amazing that animals for food will be treated better than unborn American babies. Pretty fucked up place to be is in an woman’s womb. Deadlier than walking the streets of South Central.

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