California Proposition 6

Proposition 6: Requires new state spending on various programs to combat crime and gangs, and to operate prison and parole systems. Increases penalties for several crimes, including violating gang injunctions, using or possessing to sell methamphetamine, or carrying loaded or concealed firearms by certain felons. Eliminates bail for illegal immigrants charged with violent or gang-related felonies, establishes crime for removing or disabling a monitoring device affixed as part of a criminal sentence, and changes evidence rules to allow use of certain hearsay statements as evidence when witnesses are unavailable.

Again, I have highlighted the problem with this Proposition. Hearsay!?! Really? Hell NO! First, it violates the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution, so even if this does pass, it will be overturned just like Prop 187 as a violation of the Constitutional rights of Americans. Second, there is no way that I would ever want hearsay evidence to be legit. Someone told me that you stole something from your neighbor = you get to goto jail. That’s WRONG!


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