Proposition 5: Requires State to expand and increase funding and oversight for individualized treatment and rehabilitation programs for nonviolent drug offenders and parolees. Reduces criminal consequences of nonviolent drug offenses by mandating three-tiered probation with treatment and by providing for case dismissal and/or sealing of records after probation. Limits court’s authority to incarcerate offenders who violate probation or parole. Shortens parole for most drug offenses, including sales, and for nonviolent property crimes.

I have highlighted one of the major issues I have with this proposition. My other issue is that this become government run mental health care. The government has shown a consistent ability to screw things up. They will do the same thing with government run rehabilitation programs.


  1. Monique Moss

    Though only 5% of the precincts have been counted, the popular vote thus far of nearly double voting against Proposition 5 is just plain wrong.

    The cost of incarcerating these petty criminals who use our county jails and state prisons as a turnstyle never having the State truly be a partner in their rehabilitation and instead reinforcing their bad behavior is a shame.

    California voters have a chance to help reduce the recidivism that has become an absurd expense to all of us.

    Prop 36 has helped countless individuals achieve sobriety; Prop 5 could have done the same.

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