There’s a lot of crap that Biden has been getting for his comment about terrorists testing America if Obama is elected. Was he referring to the Cuban Missile Crisis? Or was he referring to the attacks of September 11?

Let’s put things in perspective here, my friends (as John McCain would say). Bush, a politician with next to zero experience, gets elected and America is attacked. Were they planning the attacks before Bush was elected? Hell if I know. Would they have attacked if Gore was in office? Who knows.

Having a noob President who also happens to be a cowboy in office certainly would give the terrorists an additional incentive to attack us. It has been well documented that the terrorists are interested in bankrupting America. This is precisely the direction that Cowboy Bush and Congress have been taking us.

However, I’m willing to bet that a McCain presidency is far more likely to result in a terrorist attack on America than an Obama presidency. Why? Because John McCain has shown that he is willing to fight a “war on terror” by invading another country that had nothing to do with the terrorist attacks of September 11. McCain is willing to turn America into a communist country (ala voting for the communist bailout of failing banks in America) and send our soldiers into harms way with misguided and fabricated military intelligence.

Just think about it for a minute. Where was his 30 years of experience when he was sounding the war on Iraq trumpet? Where was all his wisdom when he cast his votes in Congress that put us into the situation we are in now? A lot of good that experience did for us over the last 8 years, right?


  1. Maybe. Though be reminded that our debt was under a trillion a few short years ago, and the market, as bad as its been, is only where it was in 2003.

    Also, McCain beats Obama any day in the experience category, like the fact that he’s able to speak directly with the military and defended the troop surge from Petraeus which worked like a charm. I don’t think its fair to portray McCain as inexperienced when he’s been in the Senate 30 years and Obama has only 185 days in the Senate, and was a community organizer.

    Also, Obama said in the Second debate that he would strike IN Pakistan if Bin Laden was there. That’s not smart seeing as the Pakistani’s hate that.

  2. Fred

    Clifton, not sure which Fox News station you’ve been watching, but you couldn’t be more misinformed. The national debt is at a 50 year high when compared with GDP:

    Perhaps you can’t read a graph, so the US Treasury department has spelled it all out for idiots like you:

    Also, the point of what this guy is saying is what good does McCain’s experience do for us? He was right about one thing, the troop surge in Iraq. Meanwhile, he’s been wrong about everything else. And then you talk about a strike on bin Laden in Pakistan not being smart because the Pakistanis “hate that”. Go back to watching Fox News and please stay in your house on November 4.

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