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Your Title Wants to be Your Loyal Fan

It has been entirely too long since my last Fanbox (SPAMBox) posting. I have received 125 SPAM emails from Fanbox. One of the emails actually ended up in my Junk box, but everything else went right into the Inbox. Perhaps Yahoo! has their filter backwards.

I’ve noticed some interesting ploys by Fanbox these days. For instance, of the 125 SPAM emails I received, they were sent by 17 different addresses:

  • BuddyPoke (1) – Similar to the Poking you can do on legit social networking websites like Facebook
  • Daily Babe (1) – Similar to the classic hot or not phenomenon. I guess Fanbox figured that hot chicks might help get people clicking.
  • Daily Dog (2) – As if Cute Overload and ICHCB didn’t have enough cuteness, you can get a dose of Fanbox Animal SPAM with their daily dog feature
  • Daily DONT (1) – Shouldn’t this just include not opening Fanbox SPAM emails?
  • Do you think (1) – Fanbox is SPAM? YES!
  • FanBox Fan (87) – These are the classic Fanbox Fan Requests
  • (1) – One of the various SPAM note addressed used
  • (2)
  • (1)
  • Flower Fans (1) – I just saw a message about this SPAM message on my Gadget Panel website. There is an interesting story about Gadget Panel. There was a sudden swell of bogus registrations on the website, all taking place within a matter of minutes. I’m not suggesting that Fanbox was attacking my system or anything. I’m just saying that it was rather interesting that there was a sudden influx of bogus registrations on the Gadget Panel website and a search on Google returns the article about Fanbox SPAM from as the third link.
  • Hot a Meter (1) – Yet Another Hot or Not Knockoff
  • Kiss (1)
  • Kitten Club (1) – Like the daily dog
  • KittyPix (1) – More SPAMinal garbage from Fanbox. Can you believe that someone has actually registered the domain
  • PuppyPix (1)
  • Question_It (4)
  • SuperPing (1) – They are even trying to go after the super geeks!

So much SPAM to keep up with from Fanbox.

4 thoughts on “Your Title Wants to be Your Loyal Fan

  1. Back in June, I actually recieved a “question it” from a legitimate friend who I personally know and moved out of the area. Anway, I clicked on the link and ended up registering with fanbox.

    On my profile page, she is listed as my one and only fan and I clicked on to see her profile and in her “fan” list she has me, and a few other people that we both know and again that’s it.

    Anyway, this friend moved to Europe for work back in the Spring and as I mentioned it was June when she sent the “question it” application and I registered.

    From June till April I never recieved any kind of application from her or the site. Sure every once in a while something would come and I’d just delete it as I didn’t know who it was sending it….but, again, that was rare. That is, until about mid-August..suddenly I’m getting “Question it,” “hot meter,” “Super ping,” and “Kiss” applications from that same friend. Now, since she lives in Europe now and the time difference is 6 hours getting in touch with her on the phone is a bit difficult as when she’s working, I’m sleeping or getting ready to start my work day when hers is ended and when I get home from work, its pretty much bed time there so, it become harder.

    My question is this, while I recieved nothing for a period of 2 months (June- August) and as of late suddenly I’m recieving these e-mails like “Super ping” or “kiss,” regularly and looking at the times they are sent, they are roughly times she would be awake over there….is this her sending them OR is it something that is automated by Fanbox and being sent out of the blue..again, I’m not really getting anything from anyone I don’t know, just this one person that I do.

  2. ANY unwanted and unasked for email IS spam. Forward it to The FTC uses the spam stored in this database to pursue law enforcement actions against people who send deceptive email. Go to for federal trade commission information about how spammers like this are prosecuted.

  3. There are some women at fanbox trolling for email address they get from other social networking sites. They try to con you into going to another website and try to get you to sign up, they tell you the credit card is for age verification only and our card will not be charged. Your card is charged. When I found this out she tried to get me to put more money on my card. I got my money back. Filed a complainte with the CA attorney general and the US dept of justice. They also create a fanbox account under your email address. When I found this out, I contacted fan box and they deleted it immediately after i threatened them with filing complaints. The spam is starting to slow down a bit. They target you through yahoo messenger pretending to be someone that you might know, and your yahoo email. They really need to be shut down. These women are desperate and they think you are desperate. Tell them they are nothing but a scam if you are contacted.

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