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Internet Radio Network Adds a Much Needed Cool Feature!

Internet Radio is one of the coolest things to spice up the Internet since, well… the advent of social networks like myspace and facebook. takes Internet Radio to a whole new level.

I’m not saying this just because I have a show on BTR. I genuinely love this technology for several reasons:

  • Anyone can host a show and put together whatever type of content s/he wants!
  • Anyone can be a guest on someone’s show. Last week I had a guest call in from Amsterdam!
  • Anyone can listen to your show from anywhere in the world. Granted, if you don’t understand English, you won’t understand

And now, Internet Radio has just gotten a major boost in the ability to listen to shows without losing your show from page to page. In other words, listen to your favorite show while you browse around the web without having to open up another browser window or reset your position in the audio player! BTR has released a browser toolbar. Similar to the bars available for Google or Yahoo. Only this one integrates with’s Internet Radio shows! You listen to the shows in another browser window that it deals with for you.

This has been one of my only complaints about Internet Radio. But BTW has no solved the problem! Very cool feature by a very cool Internet Radio network.

2 thoughts on “Internet Radio Network Adds a Much Needed Cool Feature!

  1. hey jared, thanks for the review! we are working really hard to keep the tools coming to make it even more like radio. let me know how this post ends up ranking for “internet radio” :-).



  2. I have no idea that something like this even existed! The only internet radio I heard was on iTunes. I’m listening to your show right now. Can’t say I like it, but can’t say I don’t either.

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