Fanbox SPAM continues to roll in. Today, I received another SPAM from Fanbox “user” Lucy. I don’t know Lucy. Come to think about it, I’ve never known a Lucy. Apparently, she wants to be my fan. Only problem is that I’m not on Fanbox.

Whether its a “fan” request or a “question”, don’t respond to SPAMbox!

Be sure to mark the email as SPAM so that you up their chances of getting blocked.

Don’t register or give out your password. They are phishing for passwords to continue their scam.

Help fight SPAM by blogging about SPAMMERS like Fanbox and linking to websites that are already blogging about Fanbox.

If you checkout Google Trends, there is a sharp increase in searches on Google for fanbox, similar to their trend when they were spamming people through The blog community can help reduce SPAMMERS like Fanbox by raising awareness and generating search engine results that let people know that Fanbox is a SPAM company.

Have a nice day 😀


12 thoughts on “Fanbox

  1. why didnt i hear about this sooner! I just replyed and sent it to all my contacts! OMG! Thanks but now how am i going to delete this?

  2. Cassie: The best thing to do at this point would be to make sure you change your password for your email account. This way, Fanbox won’t got back in (not that I think they do that, but you’ll want to be on the safe side just in case).

    The unfortunate news is that your friends will likely continue to receive “fan requests” and “questions” from people they don’t even know at fanbox. I highly recommend marking anything they send you and your friends as SPAM/JUNK. Clicking on any link in a fanbox email will essentially “create a profile” for them, so don’t bother with clicking the links. It will just perpetuate the SPAM from fanbox.

  3. Is WAYN also in the same category? Been receiving messages from them since a friend invited me and I clicked on the link – I trust my friend and think he wouldn’t deliberately open me up to spammers :(. Now, I get a daily stream of WAYN messages that just won’t stop despite my best efforts to block them by marking them as spam and deleting each time.

  4. If WAYN is continuing to send you emails if you didn’t register, they are SPAM just like Fanbox. Your friend most likely didn’t know that they would continue to send you unsolicited emails. He only gave them permission to invite you to the website. If you did register on the site, that’s a different story. You should just simply opt-out from their emails. However, that is only if you registered. Clicking on a link is not the same as registering. Fanbox seems to disagree, since they love to SPAM.

  5. I also responded to a “Question It” supposedly from a trusted friend. It had her regular Yahoo email address on it. When I answered the question I was immediately signed up with Fanbox and a web page and profile were created for me. I wanted no part of this and used the cancel and deactivate options repeatedly. Funny they could sign me up in a heartbeat but claimed it took 24 hours to cancel me. I wrote emails to the supposed corporate offices and they claimed they couldn’t find me in their database–I needed to give them the email address I was signed up with (but I never actually signed up for anything with them). At any rate I told them it was the same address I was emailing them from. After another 6 hours I emailed them again and demanded to know why they were refusing to cancel my account. They replied that they had canceled it but my page would still come up via old email links in their welcome message. I don’t believe I’ve been canceled yet.

    The other thing that really set me off is when they automatically signed me up for their web page they knew my real name and where I lived. I don’t know how they got that info other than via my Yahoo email account. I changed my email password and am planning to send complaints to various state and federal agencies. I have already sent a complaint/warning to Yahoo.

  6. I also clicked one of FanBox’s link, in yahoo email, sent from a stranger to answer some stupid question. I was immedialty signed up with them and they had all my personal information from the start.

    Now I constantly get SPAM from FanBox which ticks me off because I never registered there. They offer no way, that I can find, to delete your account. So tonight I decided the best way to ensure they quickly delete my account would be to spam them back for a few hours. LOL. In their comments section I must have posted aboout 1,000 messages recently. Its quite easy to do. Just fill out the comment box then keep clicking Submit 1-3 times per second before their sloww ASP has a chance to render the next page. Here is one of my favorites I posted a ton of times:

    Spam isn’t just for dinner anymore. OH no its great with any meal. It contains tons of essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients your web app is starving for. So don’t let GaGBox go hungry, fed it tons of spam to let the devs know how much we love having our personal info hijacked via Yahoo without our consent. Surely since they won’t give us a delete account button this approach should work to get your account deleted.

    While I’m sure this isn’t the best way to handle this I am fed up with FanBox’s spam and I especially don’t like how they accessed my personal information in Yahoo without my permission. Maybe I clicked something I shouldn’t have at first which gave them this access. But regardless their approach is very deceptive and someone at Yahoo should block them from getting at the user base immediatly.

  7. I’ve been having some fun with fanbox lately. I created a new yahoo and hotmail account. then used one of them to sign into fanbox. in a week i’m up 200 fans. most of them website cam girls. Here is another interesting note. compare the results you get from a google search of fanbox to an msn search. MSN doesn’t return anything about scams or spams or phishing. In yahoo it takes until the second page to say anything about spam/fraud. I don’t have a lot of sympathy for people that its taken their info from. If you don’t want it out there, don’t put it on the web.

  8. This is Soooooo TRUE….SCAMMERS for sure….

    Now they(fanbox)) are trying to get you to sucker for an application…that would cause you to see little puppies or kittens on your fanbox homepage…

    The catch is you have to give them your cellphone number first so that they can send you a “code” to activate the application….

    You don’t think I’m really that stupid???? I hope not I have enough phone solicitation without giving out my private cell phone number to “FANBOX”>>>>

  9. I intend to publicly sue FanBox..but haven’t been able to get the name and address of the president..though now requested four times. They keep telling me I have made lots of money but can’t send it till I pay BOGUS charges for some unknown services. I offered–take the money you claim is due and send me the balance—no answer except ” Complete your profile to proyect your earnings and include your lists etc.”.Do they really catch suckers with that line?Can anyone help?

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