American Racism Against Mexico and why Dick Cheney is the New Aaron Burr

Here are some quick highlights from our latest radio show:

  • Ron Paul standing on freeway overpasses. If it were only true -(
  • Political Philosophy from the Roman ideals to the original George W (Washington) to McCain/Obama/Clinton
  • Racism against Mexicans. Why have we been so anti-Mexico for over a century?
  • Will the next President be assassinated?
  • George Bush will redeem himself
  • Kings & Queens of America. The Bush & Clinton dominance of the Oval Office
  • The original Dick Cheney: Aaron Burr
  • John McCain’s testicular fortitude
  • A reminder of John Hagee’s plans to become God
  • Why women are too catty to vote from Clinton
  • Nothing bad comes out of Arizona
  • Bill Clinton doing an alien autopsy
  • McCain’s grandfather is going to vote for him

Listen to the political discussion at


  1. Mmasingira Mtembori

    Bill Clinton has been telling black audiences that he always wanted to vote for a black candidate but now God has put him in a tricky situation where he can’t do that. That’s a bunch of bull! Bill can easily vote for a black man this year. Here’s how: Ask Hillary to step aside and then both of them campaign and vote for him in the General Election. Easy as ABC (Anyone But Clinton!)

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