Selfish Righteousness

I was at a church a while back and the pastor was talking about how selfish babies and children are as an example of the sinful nature of humans. He used the example of a baby crying for milk late at night to demonstrate how selfish babies are. Needless to say, I haven’t been back to that church since.

I’ll paraphrase my favorite quote:

May baby son is so selfish at night. He could be lying there in his crib thinking, “maybe I shouldn’t cry because mom and dad need to wake up early in the morning”. But instead, he’s selfish and starts crying, because that’s the nature of human beings. We are selfish.

The only thing selfish I saw was a supposed “man of God”, a very popular pastor in America, spouting out a bunch of selfish righteousness.


  1. barryweber

    and since baby birds, puppies, and tadpoles all clamor in their own ways to be fed- time of the day be damned- they too are “fallen.” What idiocy..perhaps there was a time when preachers could fool everyone by the nature of their ‘authority.’ People at least have the opportunity now to see through such nonsense. Amazingly, some choose to swallow it still, without chewing.

  2. Why we expect anyone who doesn’t believe in the Invisible Pink Unicorn to make sense is beyond me. The next thing is that these idiot preachers will start picking on the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Now – has Akismet canned me? Note, no links!

  3. Note to self: Kick self-righteous preacher in the head —Then feed the baby.

  4. Thanks for unspamming me 🙂

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