Ron Paul is EVOL

In a move that’s straight out of the “DOH!” files, Ron Paul’s minions have been showering the Internet (and freeway overpasses) with root of all EVOL. Dana Carvey Church LadyThe idea was to share the “love” of Ron Paul’s R”evol”ution.I’m sure the intentions were good by his campaigners. But you know what they say about good intentions: The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Wait! Hell also happens to be where EVOL comes from now.

Isn’t that special? 😛


  1. Evol is the word… its the word that I heard. It’s got a groove its got a meaning…(cue Frankie Valie).

    Oh wait… Summer of Love… flower children a kinder gentler time –a kinder gentler war?

    I personally don’t give Citizen Paul much credit. Friends went to a rally. They loved him… were ready to jump on the bandwagon… Then I asked them what he had to say.

    The two of them couldn’t put there fingers on one salient point from his 4 hour rally.

    Is that love or a Jedi-Mind-Meld?

  2. badmedia

    “Is that love or a Jedi-Mind-Meld?”

    Or, more like you are full of it.

  3. Jon

    usually its the Paul supporters that actually have a good idea about what their candidate stands for. anyway, he’s out of the race. he’s ‘campaigning’ just to get his message out, but McCain got the nod.

  4. Fred

    Ronnie is a fascist in dictator with mindless followers and idiotic policy. No Jedi, just stupid sheep he herds around because they wanna “fight the man”. Idiots!

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