Fanbox SPAM Continues the SCAM

Fanbox Continues their SPAM policy. I received yet another SPAM from this company. Supposedly they think that by putting an address in the bottom of an email makes it ok to waste the expenses of Yahoo!’s mail servers. Have you been getting any emails that look like this:

Fanbox SPAM

On the lighter side of things, they block their own email from their online email application 😛

FanBox SPAM Block

46 thoughts on “Fanbox SPAM Continues the SCAM

  1. Is Fanbox safe? I have so many girls that say that they want to be my fan, but I don’t know how they found me and if they are real people or are they made up people, trying to get my information. How can I find out?

    1. You must have an account there on FanBox, that’s why. Why don’t you find out by yourself whether or not they are real?

  2. Any time you get a “hey sexxy msg me at ………” from a really hot chick -it’s usually bogus.

    Do you really think girls that look like that need to join up on a dating site to get some action? Get real.

  3. whats even funnier is that at the bottom of the email it supposedly says that if you wanna cancel ur “subscription” clickhere. when u click, it has to option button with the words “receive email sometimes” “receive email never” funny part is no matter what you do u are never able to click the “never option” its like u are stuck receiving emails from them! this must be illegal!!

  4. Something that might be fun to try…

    First… As you may or may not know. They ask you for your e-mail addy and your password, so you can conveniently import all of your contacts to them, and they can spam all of your contacts, as if it is you spamming all of your friends and relatives. Under no circumstances should you enter that info and give them those permissions…

    But… Back to the fun!

    make up a fake e-mail acct. @yahoo or hotmail.
    now make up your new fake contact list in your newly made fake e-mail acct.
    and add:; (Self evident); (Self evident); (’s registar/who they pay for their domain name); (internet assigned numbers authority); (American Registry for Internet Numbers); (Federal Trade Commission, place to forward all of your spam to); (Michael Pousti, President of; (Another for the Prez); (Department of Consumer Affairs in Calif); (Obvious); (Obvious)

    with a little further investigation, you could probably find some more addy’s of and fanboxnotes employees to add to your contact list. Plus if if you dig deeper, you can probably find at least 8 more company entities that trace back to Michael Pousti and… Maybe find the addy for the BBB of San Diego and add it. Maybe get the addy’s for the Calif. State Attorney, and maybe the Calif. SOS (Secretary of State) and add them to your new fake e-mail’s contact list.

    Now go to and create your new acct, using your new fake e-mail addy you just made and freely give them the password to your new fake acct.

    So now, they will in essence, be spamming themselves and their registrar and a few governmental agencies.

    Sound like fun?

  5. hey what i think about fanbox it is a scam all rights scam that is the truth .you know that alots of people in fanbox are scam artists they dont give the really truth like that .let me tell you this i know when come in the net you need to be awares if each websites you go in to are fake nor cant get your account delete even that website is a jokes . when i trying to delete my account from let me tell you that you cant get yout pic off over that website .
    i want the federal governments branches to shut down that website for good . believe me that site is a scams that is the real truth . dont give your infos out that website isnt a scam .it is very important to let your local federal dealth with that parts .oh baby shut down fanbox .com scammer down .

  6. Fanbox stole my existing email address and changed it to and then sent all my contacts the change of address without my concent…. be carefull and delete everything to do with Fanbox

  7. I have been forwarding ALL their emails to because it is apparently a California based company. I add a line saying please stop this company, relentless spammer and such. Different line each time hoping they will get the point. I also send it as a return so their ‘noreply’ box gets it and shows them who I’m sending it to. Just in case someone does check that email address.

    Those that can please join me in this.

    Hoping if they get enough email complaints someone in the govt will get on them to stop. Most likely all they will do is move their operations but it will slow them down a bit.

    Until the owner goes to jail…

  8. Not getting too many messages from these guys anymore… I set my e-mail limitson their site to get a message every week and have only been getting 1 message per week. They also have a setting that says, “never get messages” but have not tried it out yet

    1. Getting a couple e-mails from these guys. I had not used fanbox is a year, but logged in Friday and its far better than it was. The who’s online did not always work. I like the interface and layout and the desktop look.

  9. Hi friends,
    Free sites allow scammers on their site just for the traffic. They make pretty good money from advertisers but they spend zero bucks on keeping an eye on their site. FanBox and Facebook are the worst. I wonder why the government hasn’t shut down those sites yet. Really, how hard is it to block an IP address?

    They allow naked pics and copyrighted images to be posted by their users. The problem with naked pics comes when they allow people underage to create an account with them. I have seen pics of celebrities on both sites and wonder why they don’t hire people to approve or deny photos.
    So if you want to meet a Nigerian scammer on your very first visit, create an account on one of those sites.

  10. Spam emails from [anyname] have been creating havoc with my Easyspace webmail account. They always have a different subject, so it is not possible to block them. They cause the Easyspace webmail account to “freeze up” so that the emails cannot be downloaded into my Outlook Express account – which means that I have to delete these emails in the Easypsace account each time–which is only possible after I have changed my IP address.

    It will be such a relief if these fanbox spam emails would stop coming. Is there anything that can be done? I cannot believe that this invasion of privacy is legal and that the authorities are powerless to do anything about it.

    Dr Charles Muller, Scotland, UK.

  11. Ido not want to be part of Fan Box and and want billing to my cell to stop immediately! 705-***-****.Some one sent me an email which placed me on your system. I am not impressed.Danielle Pitre

    Note from admin: Removed idiotic posting of phone number

    1. Danielle – I would suggest you:

      1. Realize this website is not in any way, shape or form related to Fanbox and the owner of this site cannot cancel the billing.

      2. Call your cell phone provider and discuss it with them. Cancel the FanBox charges/service from your end. Fanbox will not cancel it.

      3. DO NOT post your phone number on websites. Especially sites dealing with protecting you from scams. Bad guys read these posts too!

  12. I received an email from a vaguely familiar person telling me to check out a video on you tube. I had been receiving this emails for a while but ignored them. Finally i succumbed to the urge to click on the link as i thought this may lead to my recognizing this person. Anyways the link was actually to the fanbox site. does this mean I have been signed up?? I didn’t provide any information on the site.

    1. Just going to their site does not sign you up for anything.

      Someone that has your email address in their email address book signed up and Fanbox got your email address that way. They do not have your password and won’t get it unless you give it to them.

      If your email provides it simply mark their emails as spam and you might want to complain to some of the powers that be but that seems to do little good. have all my Fanbox emails forwarded to the Governor of California but problem is they go to his spam box too!

  13. Fanbox spam seems to be just one of those scourges, or curses, of the internet that you can’t get rid of – spawn of the devil, or satan, or whatever you like to call evil. The best you can do is block it from your inbox so it goes into the delete folder. But we are living in the latter days, and it’s just a matter of time before the Lord returns to set up His Kingdom – then all these scourges will be purged from the world. (Luke 21, Matt 24.) In the meantime, I guess we should pray for those who despitefully use us. These people will pay the price and will not escape Judgement. That is a divine promise.

  14. Funbox is bad.
    But when it was it was a nightmare!
    I signed up so i could send free text messages.
    And that worked and i thought nice.
    But i kept getting text messages from peaple who whould have found me and these cost alot of money.
    So i used the instructions of that message by sending a text message to a number so i could get rid of it.
    That made it stop but about 2 months later i got text messaged AGAIN!. I was happy i finally found the delete account and all my settings link so i got rid of them for good.

  15. Hi

    I was researching fanbox and found your site. I was spammed a long time on my blogger blogs by fanbox. Then one day I clicked on one of the links and found a fanbox page with my blogger username.

    To cut a long story short. I registered with fanbox as a writer and have been writing and earning on paper on my page. Question is has anyone written for fanbox and been paid their earnings?

    1. You dont get paid, they say you do but you dont. As a former employee of the company I can tell you they do not. The earnings part by there blog is BS and they dont even have the money to uphold it.

    2. I have received about 5 checks already! So you do not know what you are talking about! Just because you are a former employee doesn’t mean you should go around talking about what you don’t know.

      Just if you are wondering every check I have got has been good!

  16. Since you were a former employee –

    611 K Street, STE B411
    San Diego, CA 92101 USA


    255 G Street, Suite 723
    San Diego, CA 92101 USA
    a mailing address or a physical location that business is conducted?

  17. I’m not a memeber in fanbox
    but recently I’ve recieved 2 emails from my friends emails, I didn’t creat a contact list that because I don’t use this email address very often , anyway

    they both look like an ordanary emails comes from them , with thier names , but the title ” check out my photo ”
    with same content to confirm relation ship and click on a linck ,

    does that mean one of these person I know is trying to steal my account ?

    they both had same email from fanbox .

    does it mean I’m a target from persone I know ?

    1. It simply means Fanbox has your email address. You might want to write to your friends and let them know their names are being abused by fanbox so they can warn their friends through one mass email to NOT click on any links and to NOT fall for the scam. –

      ABout all you can do is simple mark the emails as spam. Seems the U.S. Government doesn’t care…

  18. I received an email from my sister, and signed up without thinking. They did get my email address and password, so I believe they have spammed all my contacts. As soon as I figured out what had happened, I contacted my whole list to let them know it was a scam. However, I think a few people fell for it, as I noticed my fanbox has a number of my contacts in it now. I don’t know what to do from here. I don’t seem to be able to delete my account. Bastards….

    1. KaZoomCo – Only way you can tell if anyone fell for it is to contact them personally and ask. Fanbox may have taken the names and listed them to make it appear that you are a ‘satisfied customer’. THEY LIE ABOUT EVERYTHING! – Hope you changed your password on your account. AND any other accounts you have that use that same password! – Did you give them your phone number? If so you will want to contact your phone service provider and make sure that they don’t start billing you for ‘Premium Services’. – I posted a bit on it a while back that might give you some help –

      – Paul – prying1 –

    2. I’m an active member of Fanbox and I’m not lying. I get paid for posting the same stuff I would post on Facebook and it is a legitimate thing.
      They haven’t contacted my email contacts nor my phone – you know why? I can read and opted out of contact. Sheesh people. You’re missing out on some decent money to be made.
      FanBox is absolutely legitimate.

    3. I completely agree with Jolynn. I am also an active member and earning greatly from my passion and helping people in needs from all over the world. You will be amazed how much you can earn and how much you can help poor peoples. People on FanBox understand and realize the importance of time, our time how precious it is and how to use to assist humanity.

  19. OMG…pousti really is the biggest scumbag on the face of the earth. Someone compiled a nifty pdf of his “greatest hits” in the courtroom:

    Click to access SMS_AC.pdf

    If you’ve found this because you interviewed with a new scam company of his, be sure to read the lawsuits where he didn’t pay anyone…even after they worked for months without a day off. I imagine some day someone is going to really get even with this guy…but it won’t be in a courtroom. It will either be in the desert or in his home, late at night, when all the lights are off.

  20. I also am a active member on FanBox and I have been on almost a year now I have NEVER been spammed by them. I have though made lots of new friends and lots of money. I use it now as a second income and it is paying for all of my wife’s medical bills that she received from getting Lymes! I do not know where I would be without them and I would suggest anyone that needs some extra money join up. It is not a get rich quick scheme like you find all over the web but just a great place to make extra money and gain lots of new friends!

    1. Perhaps they have cleaned up their act but I doubt it. If so and they are running a straight operation they have already soiled the ‘Fanbox’ name (read other comments) and should dump it. One can clean up a pig for a pet show but don’t let him out of your sight till the judging is over.

  21. I want to dispute the claims of FanBox being a scam. Not only have I made over $2,900 in less then a year, but have also been able to sell products on there, just like ebay, and become a teacher, which gets me even MORE earnings. There are literally millions of ways to earn money on FanBox, and I will stick up for this site no matter what. If you like to blog and write, or can’t write, but can copy and paste, you should try it before you claim it’s a scam. My 15 yr. old daughter made $600 in one summer just by blogging and funding her own ads. FanBox is NOT a scam.

    1. Anyone can get online and make any claims they want to. Even the owner of FanBox can make statements of how wonderful they are. – Their methods of operation are (or perhaps were at this point) less than stellar and the name has been sullied. I will stand by my experience with them and would never have any association with them in any way shape or form. They spammed me using my pastor’s wife’s name without any communications with her. Enough said.

  22. Fanbox are spamming me for money regularly and I haven’t a clue who or what they are. I am a pensioner in the uk and I am anxious because I do not want fanbox nor need it not can be bothered with it, neither do I have dollar accounts anywhere that can pay anything online.
    How the hell do I get these people to stop pestering me. I do not use them, I will not use them, I am totally against them bothering people who know nothing about them. They keep telling me I have earned thousands of dollars- ??? doing what for god sake? If i REALLY HAVE THEN USE THAT AND PAY YOURSELVES OFF RATHER THAN DEMANDING DOLLARS EVERY MONTY ON EMAIL.

  23. As many of you, I am recieving emails from FanBox. I do not recall signing up for such a site and would not do so. I have retained an attorney for many years who is an absolute bulldog and he happily takes care of such things. I don’t want their “money” and I do not trust the people who blog on here saying they have cashed-in on this site. Man the scams are so prolific online! But for now I have simply blocked to ‘spam’.

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