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Today I received another question from a “member” on Fanbox (which I now refer to as SPAMbox). So, I search Google for: fanbox spam. At the time of this writing, I’m #4 on the list, but what cracks me up is the obvious seeding that SPAMbox has done on the web.

For example, take the posting they’ve done on the Office Tweaks blog. There is a comment there by a guy named “TJ Brown” that is an obvious seed for Fanbox.

I love FanBox! They have so many cool applications and features on their desktop! Their social network aspect rivals even MySpace and Facebook! I looked up the old stuff on, and who cares? It wasn’t even a big deal and they have since discontinued offering sms service. So stop crying and give the site a chance.

– TJ

Give me a friggin break! Sounds like he’s trying to sell me a used Pinto. Fanbox is SPAM, plain and simple. No other company out there sends me emails with “questions” from people I don’t know and “questions/invites” from people I do know. Fanbox will phish your password, SPAM your friends, and phish their passwords.

Fanbox is a scam. Every message I receive, I mark it as SPAM and post another blog to help spread the word. Judging by the number of posts I have about Fanbox, you can see that I’ve been SPAMMED a lot lately. Keep the emails coming, I’ll keep posting.

6 thoughts on “SPAMbox

  1. Are you a disgruntled SMS.AC employee? it sounds like it. In fact, there are several of you attempting to google-bomb them with accusations of spam, so that their businness might sink. I do not work for Fanbox, i dont ‘drink the kool-aid’ like many of you like to put it, I am just a humble fanbox user. Hell, I even gave them my cell number just to ‘confirm’ my status. I have yet to recieve a single premium text on my phone from them, let alone an unsolicited text of any sort. Nor have I recieved more than 1 or 2 ‘spam’ emails from them, which is much less than what I recieve from facebook apps and myspace. Congratulations on being an ass-hat.

  2. Aleksei is a perfect example of either Fanbox employee or an Internet consultant who Fanbox pays to try to debunk the negative blogging Fanbox has received. Heck! Aleksei even uses similar text to the TJ Brown guy I’m talking about in this post. Clearly, he didn’t bother to check the rest of my blog where I’ve actually posted images of the SPAM that fanbox sends me. In fact, as of this comment post, my picture of a Fanbox SPAM is #6 on Google image search.

    Each Fanbox SPAM image I post has the date and time of the email. So, for most people they can figure out that receiving as many emails as I have (from a company that I don’t have a profile that I actually created), I’m getting SPAMMED by Fanbox.

    If Aleksei had bothered to read the posting I’ve put up about uber-SPAMMER Fanbox, he would also realize that the problem with Fanbox SPAM is not from a user experience. I don’t have a Fanbox profile that I created. I’ve written about how Fanbox creates profiles for you when you click on any of their links. I’ve written about how Fanbox sends me “Fan Requests” and “Questions” when I am not a Fanbox user. This is SPAM. In fact, I’ve even written about the definition of SPAM and SPAMMING business practices on another blog that is highly ranked in the search engines about SPAM. Fanbox’s practices around trying to acquire new users is entirely SPAM-based. Rather than just having a really cool social network, they have a SPAM network.

  3. Jaredude,

    I just got 4 emails from fanbox sending me love and asking for personal information. How the heck did they find me?! I’m very careful on the internet, and this is disturbing.


  4. I just had 10 users tell me that they received “Karma” from our CFO. She didn’t send or sign up for anything. How in the heck did fanbox get her email contacts?

  5. Aleksie… you are a liar. There are no fanbox users. Only people who got tricked into doing something there and now cannot get rid of their shit. You suck and Spambox sucks.

  6. Fanbox sucks. It just does. There is nothing but probs from that site. I got sucked into the fanbox black hole by an innocent friend. She is sorry and so am I!

    Luckily, I never give out my primary email address to anyone I’m not sure is smart enough to avoid spam scams like fanbox. My sorry friend is a bubble head, so no primary email for her. She got the email address I use for sites and people likely to get me spammed. I got tired of the spam mails from fanbox, so reported the messages as spam till they went away…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer

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