WordPress Pings are Case Sensitive

It was killing me… I had posted a couple of blogs that linked back to a new blog I’m starting with my friend Dean called Words Cause. I had posted a couple of times back to an article I had written about Energy-based Inflation. Initially, I didn’t notice that there were no pingbacks taking place. After all, it was a blog that we just started at the beginning of this week. Can’t expect too much to take place in a couple of days.

This evening, I realized that I had posted two blogs on my personal blog (here) that didn’t ping the Words Cause blog. I check and recheck my plugins. Perhaps it was one of the new plugins I had installed. It still didn’t ping. Then I remembered that I had changed my WordPress Address and Blog address fields from http://wordscause.com to http://WordsCause.com. Could it possibly be something so simple? I hoped so, and I was right. As soon as I changed both back to http://wordscause.com, the pings were flowing just fine. I didn’t bother to check if they both had to be set or if it was one vs. the other. At this point, I’m pinging so I don’t even want to bother to find out. Now, I should finally have a ping on my blog about energy-based inflation coming from my personal blog.


  1. HaHa, you would think something that simple would be accounted for in the coding. Oh well, at least its working now!

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