Complex problems require simple solutions!

Many point to alternative energy sources as a way to combat rising energy prices. While this will help get us half way there, it won’t solve the problem quickly. To find the solution to the American energy crisis, we need to borrow a page from one of our Founding Father and the creator of what is considered today the Republican Party. Yes, a Republican!

Borrowing ideas from one of our greatest Founding Fathers, Alexander Hamilton, I’ve devised a long-term plan that would stimulate our economy in the short-term and end our reliance on any foreign energy resources. The best part is that just about any government in the world could implement a similar plan, giving us something else to fight about 😛

If you are feeling dangerous, you can read my idea on my new website And don’t forget to checkout the weekly WordsCause radio show hosted by yours truly and my great friend Dean this Saturday at 10AM!


  1. It seems like a comprehensive alternative energy plan should be high on the list of things we need asap for this country. We should definitely be self-sustaining by this point in time.

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