Attorney Generals and Governors in Glass Houses…

Unless you just don’t read, watch, or listen to the news, you’ve heard about Lord Eliot Spitzer’s fall from grace. It really should be noted that he is yet another fraudulent pious leader. His crusade-like mentality on a myriad of cases as an Attorney General made him a lot of enemies. It also made him a number of allies and very politically powerful. I’m sure it’s a honest mistake to cheat on your wife while she’s at home working on making your living space eco-friendly. That must happen a lot.

Unfortunately for Eliot, one of the enemies he made as Attorney General was the entertainment industry. That’s a very costly enemy to have if you are a “squeaky clean” politician paying $80,000 for prostitutes. Couple that with all the other industries he went after and the political enemies he made as of late… you end up with the MySpace photo’s of his favorite mistress all over the news.


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