There’s an old idiom: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink

I’ve gotten a taste of that over the last couple of weeks. I’m filled with great ideas, and I decided to share one of those ideas with a guy I knew because I thought it might be a good fit for his skill-set. I figured it would be something that he could do well at and make himself some money in the process. It wouldn’t be ultra time intensive, and the financial benefit would be rather rewarding.

After nearly two weeks of dragging him along, I’ve come to the conclusion that whoever came up with the idiom about the horse was right on  the money. I mean, here is a great opportunity for someone to use their skills to benefit themselves. The next step is for them to take action for themselves. But the darn horse just won’t drink the water. 😦

Time for plan B: the other guy who is dragging his feet… Wait, why have I surrounded myself by people who drag their feet? Am I a foot dragger attracting other foot draggers? Are we all just in a foot dragging race where I am dragging my feet less than the other draggers? Does that make us drag racers? 😛


  1. Hello, there.

    I found your blog after you answered an SMO question I posted on LinkedIn.

    Interestingly, I’ve despaired over the same kind of ‘foot dragging’ attitude for a few weeks now, and I was so discouraged I almost gave up crusading for progress completely.

    However, to continue the analogy, if you lead the horse to water and keep him there long enough, eventually he’s gonna get thirsty.

    A great mentor advised me to keep gently nudging, to be persistent and clear, and eventually the desired change or action would occur. I am relieved to report that the mentor was right! Action combined with persistence equals change…

    Hope this encourages you. =-)

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