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Sharper Image Bankruptcy Prediction Coming True

During the holiday of 2006, I posted a verbose blog about how Sharper Image is going down the tubes. My prediction was off by a few months, but reality has finally hit The Sharper Image management. Sharper Image Bankruptcy is now reality.

I had to update this blog as news about Sharper Image’s Bankruptcy started hitting the news all over the place:

Multi-Channel Merchant
DIRECT Newsline
CNN Money
NY Times

Of course, it was all over the major news networks yesterday and today as well. So, I decided to a couple of section.

When Analyzing the Sharper Image Bankruptcy, You Might Know You’re Crazy If:

  • You think Sharper Image won’t be sued by it’s investors
  • You think Sharper Image was going to turn things around after firing founder Richard Thalheimer
  • You think Brookstone is going to fill the shoes of Sharper Images

The decline of any giant like Sharper Image is always good news for others. For instance, there will be countless lawyers and collection agents who will have additional work because of this monumental blunder. Richard Thalheimer will have to hire additional employees to handle the added traffic to his Also, it gives the media plenty of work and has kept a lot of stockbrokers busy as of late. There are likely bound to be countless books about Sharper Image coming out. Here are a few title suggestions:

  • Tarnished Image
  • Death of a Gadget Salesman: Why Firing Richard Thalheimer Expedited the Decline of Sharper Image
  • The New Face of Innovation: Bankruptcy
  • The Rise and Fall of the Holy Gadget Empire

9 thoughts on “Sharper Image Bankruptcy Prediction Coming True

  1. Sharper image’s product line was filled with over-priced Chinese-made garbage that you could get for 1/2 the price elsewhere. Their business model and marketing strategies were dated and obsolete. They will not be missed in the least.

  2. Andy: Their website has been having problems with gift cards for almost a year. This is part of their problem. They have an antiquated system and obsolete products.

  3. Hi! I have gone through your post and it was very much interesting. First you have started the blog and it didn’t came up. But after a while it came very well. That was good to see in all the above mentioned websites.

  4. Hi, I’m with a company called Leverage. I’m responding for several reasons. 1) I want to inform the consumers that we have a new bankruptcy policy that allows customers holding gift cards purchased via its destination from Sharper Image and other merchants filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to transfer remaining, unredeemable balances to gift cards from other retailers available on the Leverage site. 2) also to get the word out there so that people know there’s a free service available to help them.

  5. Hi Austin, I am with a company called eat a one-eyed trouser snake smothered in underwear. You, and your ilk, thoroughly disgust me. Your a opportunistic suzz buckets who were the purpose of the neutron bomb’s invention. I look forward to urinating on your smoldering carcass.

    ~ Toodles

  6. What you do to others will one day be done to you.
    It was a matter of time before Sharper Image came to this
    situation. Poor and bad management is what got them there, even before new management. I’m a little happier now.

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