I was sitting there watching Fox News the other day. They had the Republican candidates on, discussing various political issues. It was the first time I had really spent paying any attention to presidential politics so far this campaign. As I’m watching Mitt Romney, there is an unsettling feeling starting to well up in my stomach.

It suddenly hit me. Remember this movie?
Greg Stillson

That is a still of Greg Stillson from the 1983 film based upon the Stephen King book, The Dead Zone. And that is what got me thinking about a certain candidate from New England.


  1. L. A. Borguss


    – “Did Stephen King Predict the 2008 Presidential Election in 1979?”

    Well, I don’t know, and I certainly hope not!!

    I am not much into politics either, but boy do we have a show going on with the candidates, a side / freak show,…maybe even a “Creep Show”, pardon the pun ~

    Th e2 pics you have posted are certainly “creepy” and as far as the next President-to Be is concerned,…. I am scared as hell!!

    But, you know, as in all horror novels and movies,..

    “The Show Must Go On”!!!

    So stayed tuned-in, same time, same channel,…
    or just push the OFF button on your television set and read another book.

    “God Bless America, and watch our backs on this one!!!”


  2. Bethany

    Hey at least Romney dropped out yesterday!

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