The NFL Needs to Stop Airing “Stealers” Games

I know. I know. Steeler fans will get all pissy because someone is once again pointing out the obvious. Pittsburgh Steeler games are rigged. From the phantom calls during the Stuper Bowl a couple of years ago to the most recent game airing right now against the Bengals. This latest game is the most blatant I’ve seen all year. A holding penalty called against the secondary from the back of the end zone while Roethlisberger was being sacked for a safety. No one explained why there was a penalty flag in the end zone where Roethlisberger was handing the Bengals two points. I can tell you why. The ref in the end zone needed to make sure that the refs in the secondary knew that they needed to call a bogus penalty. It happened in basketball, and the calls in Pittsburgh are constantly more than favorable for the Steelers in a way similar to what we’ve seen in basketball. Or maybe the ref in the back of the end zone was using some of thoe 140x zoom binoculars!


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