A Head Massager that also Tingles Your Nose

The first time I tried the Head Spa (aka Head Massager) from Gadget Universe, I felt like I was auditioning for the remake of Tron. I looked like a total dork, but it felt good. A few minutes into it, and I started noticing something interesting. I was losing head stress. The muscles on my head were being soothed and my nose… Well, my nose was tingling. It was a bizarre feeling. A nice head massage and an intense nasal clearing. Relieving pressure from all sides of the head, inside and out. Now that’s a good head massager!


  1. Italia

    I was really excited to have found the scalp massager so cheap and well as the saying goes:”You get what You pay for”. The scalp massager I received was a bit defective and really didn’t feel as great as the one I had tried before which of course was a more expensive make. This one is very light weight and isn’t as soft and soothing.

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