Those Damned Goggles & Selfish Righteousness

Eyeballs and swimming pools don’t mix. That’s why I’ve been wearing goggles during my triathlon training. However, there is only one thing worse than bare eyes in the water. It’s a pair of friggin goggles that leak!

My eyes are bloodshot now because the pair of TYR goggles I have don’t seal my eyes. They did when I first got them, but they don’t any more. Time for me to switch back to Barracudas. After all, it is Water Wednesday. Three sessions of water drills doesn’t just require goggles… I’m going to get prune hands

Blog coming soon… Selfish Righteousness. It’s a new term I’ve come up with after I’ve heard a few people tell me that babies have selfish intentions when they are crying at 2AM in the morning.


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