My Dog is a Genius & Time Warner sucks!

Suddenly! I’m woken by my crazed dog!!! He’s right in my face, turning about, licking my arm and my face. Obviously, he needs to take a dump or pee on something outside. I get up from the coach… yes, it’s Sunday afternoon, so I’m sleeping on the coach after my 1 hour bike ride this afternoon.

I ask him, “You wanna go outside?”

He’s completely excited and goes running down the hall. At this point, I’m thinking that my dog is a little on the retarded side. After all, he should know after 5 years in the same house that when he goes outside, he goes through the kitchen. Nonetheless, I follow him down the hall.

He’s standing in the middle of the hall, so I figure he’s waiting for me to follow him. I start walking down the hall, but he doesn’t move. I tell him to move. He still won’t move. He’s just sitting there staring at the toilet.

Now, here is the part where you can either think that I am a genius for figuring this out or my dog is a genius for communicating to me that he’s thirsty. See, he never gets to drink from the toilet. If by some odd circumstance the lid is left off the toilet he won’t drink from it. He gets in trouble. Yet, somehow Granite the Einstein DOG figure out that if he points to a tub of water that he’s not allowed to drink out of, I’ll know that he’s friggin thirsty.

So I take him and Latte outside and give them fresh water.


So, why does Time Warner Cable suck? Because I had no Internet access since 1 o’clock on Sunday morning until now.

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