Does the Ionic Breeze Remove the Sweet Aroma of Trump Steaks?

I’ve been shopping at Sharper Image for as long as I can remember. Back when they finally opened a store in Westlake Village, I couldn’t wait to see all the cool stuff that I had read and heard about for so long. Sharper Image has the coolest innovations.

The Ionic Breeze was something I wanted desperately. The product was so well marketed. You walk into the Sharper Image store and it smelled so good in there.

Now, you walk into Sharper Image… It still smells good, like good Trump Steaks! I’ll take the Filet Mignon medium-rare please. I’m not sure if I want the smell of the Ionic Breeze anymore. Gimme that sweet smell of the best USDA Prime. In fact, I think Sharper Image should get rid of all their gadgets and gizmos and just turn into a quality meat locker. Maybe they can have after hours model parties like that Seinfeld episode with the man hands.

Oh… You have to checkout the exciting message from The Donald on The Sharper Image website. Too funny. Maybe Gadget Universe will pick up Marth Stewart and Hammacher Schlemmer will pick up Rosie.

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  1. David

    Mmmmm… the sweet smell of Excess. Is there anything Trump won’t put his name on? Does greed know no bounds?

    If I want a steak I certainly don’t think of Trump… The sizzler maybe… A backyard barbecue –most assuredly. But the Trump-Sharper image venture is an ugly greedy venture capitalist’s wet dream.

    Big Promises and even Bigger Markups will send me back to my local butcher. At least then I can choose a fresh cut myself and avoid the bag of frozen chemicals

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