Good Friday Ass Award

I’m sitting at Baja Fresh this afternoon for lunch when I hear this sudden THUD! A few seconds later, see a pigeon stumbling along the ground. This kind of thing happens all the time.

The pigeon, obviously stunned, starts trying to flap her wings. But she’s too dazed to take flight. About five minutes later, I see the pigeon take off from the sidewalk. Things are looking good but she suddenly drops to the ground. Traffic in the parking lot stops and waits for the pigeon to make its way back out of the flow of traffic. Three cars pass by and the pigeon is just fine. I start to get out of my seat to make sure the pigeon makes it back to the sidewalk.

Then some idiot comes driving by talking on his cell phone (without a headset mind you). POP! Yes, the noise that a pigeon makes when it is run over by the wheel of a Toyota Corolla. All I can think is, “What an ass.”

Three drives had enough regard to another living being to notice that it was in the street. Three other drives drove around the pigeon. At the time that this ass drove over the pigeon, the pigeon had already made its way a good two feet or so out of the flow off traffic. The cell phone idiot was so distracted that he couldn’t even follow the same path as everyone else in the parking lot. He probably didn’t even realize what he did, but that is what makes him even more of an ass.

Here’s my philosophy on this. Lack of awareness can justify things. However, I don’t think it counts when it is self indulgence that causes the lack of awareness. This ass could have stopped being Steve McQueen in the parking lot while he was on the cell phone. After all, he was driving at least twice as fast as everyone else. Granted, he may have saved my car from getting crapped on, but that doesn’t save him from getting the 2007 Good Friday Ass Award.

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