Truly Wireless Speakers?

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Yes, you really could juggle these speakers…

These are the Podz speakers, available from Brookstone. Rechargeable, wireless speakers. My only complaint is that they are 900 MHz, which means that the range is not the best in the world. Remember the original wireless phones that worked in most of the house, but not all of the house? Yep, kinda like that. They work great throughout most of my house, but there are certain areas that are just not so good. The speakers make a loud popping noise when they get too far away from the base. Over all, these are really good speakers and TONS or fun. Plus, they look really cool!

Recharging is a snap. Just place the speaker on top of the charging unit, and it is good to go. You don’t even need to make sure anything lines up. The metal charging pads just need to touch the metal portion of the charger. You can rotate the speaker around on the charger all you want. Fun stuff.

Something I’d love to see in the next version (besides the better range) will be to have a wireless remote to control the sound of the speakers. Right now, I need to visit each speaker to adjust the volume. Not good for a lazy guy like me. I know these are going to be a great hit at my next party!
Oh, one other really neat benefit to this product is that you can hook up a bazillion of them to the same transmitter. The transmitter gets set to a channel (you have three options) and then you set the speakers to the same channel. Obviously, if your neighbors get a set, you might have some problems 😦 However, in theory, since the transmitter is just broadcasting, you would buy 50 of these things and have a speaker every couple of feet in your house. Talk about surround sound!

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