Vadim is a “Gifted” Drummer

Originally posted on the Gadget Panel

I spent a little bit of time with my friend Vadim this Saturday. I pulled out my PMP (Personal Media Player) that I purchased from the deal-a-day website StrongIdea. This thing has been half way around the world and back. I took it on my trip to New Zealand last September. I’ve taken it to a couple of other spots. This PMP has seen a lot in the world!

But nothing could prepare it (or me) for this prime time with Vadim and the Digital Drum set I purchased for my nephew last Christmas. I liked it so much that I had to get one for myself. Now, Vadim gets his first crack at being a virtual Tommy Lee. Enjoy…

I don’t think Tommy has anything to be worried about. If you want a deal on one, visit Gadget Universe and place the order with the source code EM070118. And if you couldn’t bare to watch the video through to the end, you missed all the cool features of the item, such as a metronome, learning feature with flashing lights, different songs, changing the tempo, foot pedals, different rhythms, reverbs, and more. So, go back and watch the video all they way through again 😀

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