Road Trip Shiatsu

Originally posted on the Gadget Panel

I do a lot of dancing, exercise, walking, standing, activities, etc. Using one of those vibrating wands (don’t let your mind go there sicko!) or vibrating pads doesn’t do the trick for me. I need something that’s going to really work my muscle. Now, I have a great massage therapist. The guy is an expert in acupuncture, deep tissue massage, reflexology, strange human body experiments, etc. He’s also a former dancer, so he knows a lot about the muscles that I’ve been using and how to get them to function efficiently.

But this isn’t about my great massage therapist. Although, I’d be willing to share his information if you need those services. This is about the next best thing. Since I can’t afford to pay him or a miniaturized version of him to give me a massage every week, I opted for a shiatsu massage machine from Brookstone a while back. The product has since been replaced by what I feel to be an inferior product. Although, the replacement is a less expensive model.

This thing is great for neck, back, leg, arm, shoulder, and foot massages. The new model does pretty much the same thing. However, it is not quite as powerful in my opinion and doesn’t offer the ability to massage as many different body parts. Just take a look at the version now available Brookstone versus the video bellow, and you will see what I mean.

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