New Scrolls Discovered!

Originally posted on the Gadget Panel

I’ve had the LED message billboard (available through SkyMall) for a while. I’ve used it at events to promote the next activity. I’ve used it at parties to let people know when the movie will start or where to find drinks. It’s pretty functional. Now, I’m using it to promote The Gadget Panel. You can use it to promote yourself!

I’ve hosted and promoted a lot of dance events in my day. The LED Message Billboard offers a very effective method of notifying people of upcoming activities. At most of my events, there is a raffle of sorts. The idea is that you buy a ticket for 2 bucks, and if you win, you get 50% of the total prize money. Meaning that if 100 tickets are purchased (which is about the norm), you end up with 100 bucks in your pocket. I use the LED billboard to let people see how many tickets have been purchased.

I’ve also used it at my poker night parties. I let people know when the Blackjack tournament is going to start or who is winning the foosball tournament. It’s very functional. I even had the director of the dance department at the local college ask me where I got it. He is looking to have an inexpensive way to notifying people of upcoming dance events and activities. Since the product can use either an AC power source or batteries, it makes it a very useful tool for portable promotion. You might just find one in the back window of a car promoting your company soon!

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